Julian Lennon: Hard day's nights?

Rolling Stone 1981
Thanks to Jeannette Caserta


Julian LennonJulian Lennon inherited his father's looks, but how much of his talent? John Lennon's 17-year old son practices the drums five or six hours a day and plays in a local band in north Wales. Though he doesn't sing ("I used to but I lost the knack"), he has written some songs- most recently, a poem from "Twelfth Night" that he put to music "while messing about on the guitar". Does this add up to a life of hard day's nights? "Before I try anything I want to become as good as possible, reach my top abilty," says Julian. "Then if I don't make it, I won't do anything more about it." Nonetheless, Julian says he'll probably go to New York soon to test the waters. He doesn't deny the rumors that eventually he'll cut a record with his step-mother, Yoko Ono: "Yoko will be able to give me advice and guidance if I need it".