I'm watching this really nice pic of JL, down the "Contact Info" words (Same as to the left - CJ). His hands into the pockets of his pants. his head down and his eyes closed. That's a beautiful pic. So, I wrote something about it. This is what this pic may be telling to me.

I called it: On your shoulders.

Carry on your shoulders
the weight of who you are,
can be so heavy sometimes...
but, that's the reason
of where you are right now.
I ask to myself:
Where are you?
then I wonder if
you are happy with all the things
that your eyes are able to see...
doesn't matter if you close them to sleep.
I wonder if
your heart is warm and in love with the people around you...
doesn't matter if you get angry with them sometimes.
I wonder if
your hands are able to reach what they want...
doesn't matter if you hide them into the pockets of your pants for a while.
Where are you?
is it cold in there or is it hot?
is it raining or is the shine of the sun trying to get into your heart?
You know the answers and you cannot have all these
at the same time,
but you have yourself and all the people that you love...
even if some of them are not with you anymore,
because they are part of the weight that your shoulders carry on.

BY: Diana Arco from Monterrey México