2000 Featured Items


December 2000

Chirstmas Guitar Wrap
Featured Wallpaper
"Christmas Guitar Wrap"
By CJ Burianek
  • Featured magazine:
    No1 - January 5, 1985
    No 1 is a UK teen/music magazine..
    The article/interview is a good one at showing how hectic Julian's life was when he first entered the music industry and also discusses some of the odd jobs Julian did before signing with Charisma and debuting with "Valotte". It also has some great photos taken by Mike Prior.
  • Featured Fan Contribution:
    The Odeon -Cleveland, Ohio - July 24st, 1999 - Photos and Report by Jen
    This is a fan contribution I will certainly never forget as I worked on putting it up on Hey Jules the very day I got to see Julian perform for the first time...

November 2000

Photograph Smile Live
Featured Wallpaper
"Photograph Smile Live"
By CJ Burianek
  • Featured magazine:
    Performing Songwriter December 1999
    I just recently found a copy of this magazine. It is a wonderful interview talking about Julian's songwriting.. how he writes songs and his song writing collaborations. It is also one of the last interviews Julian did before going back into hiding for all of 2000.... there is an interesting quote at the end... the interviewer, Russell Hall, asks Julian if there will be another 7 year delay between albums... Julian's response: "I'll tell you what. The thing that's most important to me is the writing and recording process, and then going out and plying once in a while. And the main thing that takes me away from that - and it's a necessary evil to a certain degree - is promotional work. So I feel that if I can lay down a good foundation this time around and re-establish myself, then yes, the albums will keep coming. But I don't' think you'll be seeing me in too many magazines or doing too many interviews in the future. That side, for me, has to tone down. I just want to write."
  • Featured Fan Contribution:
    Julian Lennon at Wildall Concert Baden-Airpark, Germany - by Nina
    While many fans (including myself) watched Julian perform at this festival live online Nina was actually there! Check out her gorgeous photos of the show and read about her experience.

October 2000

Mr. Jordan
Featured Wallpaper
"Mr. Jordan" By CJ Burianek
  • Featured magazine:
    Rolling Stone June 6, 1985
    I was so excited when I found Julian on the cover of Rolling Stone back in 1985... I remember every store I went in I would look for it just to see his face on the cover... The article follows Julian through his 2 week rehearsal for his first tour as well as that very first show ever... oh how I wished at the time I could have been one of those many 14 year old fans seeing him alas, I had to wait until 1999 to actually see him live... A lot of the article has also been captured in the film documentary entitled "Stand By Me"... If you've seen the film this will give you a different look at it...
  • Featured Fan Contribution:
    The Day I Met Julian by Karlie Pearson
    Karlie was one of the first to write in from Julian's promotion in Australia in 1998. Her lucky experience got everyone in the states excited for there turn to meet Jules themselves.

September 2000

Wallpaper by Brad
Featured Wallpaper
"Photograph Smile Collage" By Brad Levinson
  • Featured magazine: April 5, 1986 Sounds- Daydream Believer
    Sort of an interesting article from England.. One I really enjoyed reading. The interviewer is very open to Julian as a person and likes him as such but isn't fond at all of Julian's music... or John's for that matter... his interjections in-between the interview segments adds life and reality to the interview which is straight forward, honest and to the point. 
  • Featured Fan Contribution: Translation by Nina Fels Rolling Stone Magazine June 98
    Nina was the first fan who wrote me when I started "Hey Jules" and has become a very good friend. She has translated numerous articles from German publications for the site with this one having the most beautiful photos. The article has been on the site for quite away but is well worth another read if you have already read it... plus I have added the rest of the photos from the article..

August 2000

July 2000 Featured Magazine:
HELLO 16 December 1995

May 2000 Featured Magazine:
Music Connection: The Reincarnation of Julian Lennon

April 2000 Featured Magazine:
Rock Bill December 1984 - The Ballad of Julian Lennon

March 2000 Featured Magazine #2:
Rockline September 1986- Has England Deserted Julian Lennon...?

March 2000 Featured Magazine #1:
20th Century Guitar May 1999