April 2000

Friday April 28th 2000 09:32:44
Kelly Michelle

I found Hey Jules via.. msn search

I am a very devoted fan to The Beatles. My father named me after the song Michelle and has raised me on their music. I had never heard any of Julian's music, but knew he was the son of John. I decided to check out some of his music and I have to say that he has lived up to all of my expectations.

Thursday April 27th 2000 03:19:22
alice chen

Monday April 24th 2000 01:38:40

I found Hey Jules via.. searching for Julian
My favorite part is.. the pics of Julian..gotta love him!!

Well, I didn't like Julian at first. I just saw him as "yeah yeah, son of John..." Then I saw him in concert in Pittsburgh in the summer of 1999. The next day I bought "Photograph Smile" and have yet to put it down. I have listened to Julian so much and adored him so much. At the concert, I started crying I was so incredably inspired by his music. I got a foot or so away from him. Towards the end of the concert, I was in front of the stage. He kind of ignored me (I was kind of..um...loud so I'd be scared as well) and then I saw him outside near his van and bus. It was wild. He is so much better looking in person! :) Laura

Friday April 21st 2000 11:18:16

I found Hey Jules via.. internet search
My favorite part is.. being able to say hi to julian

i saw julian at the landmark theatre in syracuse new york in april 1985. i have alwalways been a fan and hope someday he will return for a upstate new york show.

Thursday April 20th 2000 02:27:37
Heather from Canada

I found Hey Jules via.. Infoseek
My favorite part is.. Song lyrics

This is one of the best websites I've ever visited. It's easy to find what you need, and has tons of detailed information. I am not a huge Julian Lennon fan myself, but I knew I loved his first single, back in the early 80's. I could remember the chorus, and that the title was one word and started with "V", but couldn't remember the name for the life of me. I've been driving friends and family crazy for several days, trying to come up with the name of the song, and finally found "Valotte" on your site. Thank God for the rest of the lyrics, so I can move on from just the chorus! I checked three other sites before this one, including Julian's official website, and found them all lacking. Your site is incredibly well put together. Thanks for the help!

Wednesday April 19th 2000 05:15:21

I found Hey Jules via.. altavista
My favorite part is.. details

I am from Finland and I was in L'pool last summer, that was a great place. This web site was very good. You are great singer and I have all your albums.Yeah! Keep on the good work!

Sunday April 16th 2000 11:13:38
Marc of Sounds of Sherwood

I found Hey Jules via.. through the official site
My favorite part is.. Well,I don't know......everything!

I admit I was a fan of John and the Beatles before Julian started recording, but when I heard Valotte,followed by Too Late,I immedietly classed Julian as an individual artist,and through the years he's developed his own unique style as a vocalist,lyricist,and musician. I was 17 when my Dad bought me Valotte as a birthday present,and 17 years later I'm still listening to it,and Julian's other great albums. I don't know 'How Many Times' I've played Valotte in 17 years?! I've always thought Julian was an underated talent,but it's good to know there are others who rate him as a MAJOR talent. This is an excellent tribute site,and I'll call back Day After Day!

Saturday April 15th 2000 07:41:03
Juliette Ward of Hen Efail Candles

I found Hey Jules via.. Search - Yahoo (I think!)
My favorite part is.. Photos

I have been a Julian Lennon fan for 15 years - but it's hard to get any information about him here in Wales! Please e-mail me if you live in North Wales and knew Julian when he was living in Ruthin - or anyone else who wants to chat - or anyone who wants to buy my groovy hand made candles - or anyone who wants a holiday in North Wales - I have a really cool holiday house to let at your convenience. Close to Liverpool (an hours drive), and 10 minutes from Ruthin where Jules grew up! Check out www.sites.netscape.net/welshholiday. Hope to hear from SOMEONE soon!

Friday April 14th 2000 01:28:44

I found Hey Jules via.. By chance
My favorite part is.. Haven't looked through all of them yet, but what I seen is great!

We here in Moscow,Russia, even don't dream of getting Julian here during his tour but all the same, WE LOVE HIM!!! I've been the most devoted fan since I was 12 (and now I am 22!), and saw his STAND BY ME film. Before that I used to be Paul McCartney's fan but the moment I saw Julian I realized I was through with Paul! P.S. Sorry for my English, you see, it's not my native language, but I hope I managed to get myself understood. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to tell the world I LOVE JULIAN!!!

Monday April 10th 2000 02:48:39

I found Hey Jules via.. about.com
My favorite part is.. detail

I've always thought Julian was a talented artist. I'm glad to find that others have the same opinion and a forum for expressing their views. What a great site. Well done!

Wednesday April 5th 2000 12:27:03
Peter McCormack of Rickenbacker Registration Page

I found Hey Jules via.. search
My favorite part is.. The detailed history

I am very interested in knowing the name of the guitarist that plays the Rickenbacker 12 string in Julian's group and if Julian has ever played a rickenbacker? If he has, which model and finish. thanks and continued success.

Sunday April 2nd 2000 12:03:24
t&t rowley of n/a

I found Hey Jules via.. searching web for info on new song/album
My favorite part is.. no fav, liked all of it!

we'd seen julian on several talk shows when photograph smile came out~i just want to comment/say~please let go of the hate/anger for yoko. i'm not on yoko' "side" or ever liked her or her music (God, please watch over sean). but hate, anger, guilt, all those bad emotions/feelings isn't good for a persons soul! keep rocking for us! you're great! unique is a good word for you & your music! of course we are big beatles fans, but you were part of that. & we have all your music. want some more! peace, love & let the light shine! God bless!

Saturday April 1st 2000 11:41:33
thomas a rowley