December 2000

Saturday December 30th 2000 10:39:56
Frances Walshll

I found Hey Jules via.. I find hey jules on ok fansite

I think julian is sweet guy and i hope he will find happyness in his Life . and he will do well for him self in the years to come. I would like to wish you Julian a happy new year to you Julian in 2001, and i hope next year will bring you all the luck in the world Julian so take care My Love Julian Love Frances Walsh in Ireland. a fan always Julian. HUG AND KISS TO YOU JULIAN.

Friday December 29th 2000 08:03:04
Pat Palermo Hrdlicka

I found Hey Jules via.. looking for an address for Julian
My favorite part is.. not sure just yet...

As a 46-year-old mother of two, 23, 22 and grammy to a four-year-old, I feel a need to write to Julian about his personal "stuff" surrounding his dad. I'll continue to search for an avenue to do this (I've written to Yoko asking for this info, but had "NO REPLY"...

Tuesday December 26th 2000 10:36:52

I found Hey Jules via.. searching for information on Julian Lennon
My favorite part is.. reading about his own personal thoughts

Dear Julian, if you do read this please continue on the path that your hearts lead you into...Keep the faith! your talents are far beyond musical appears that you have a true humanistic nature about yourself...keep in mind, that without rain, there would be no beautiful rainbows to witness. life was never meant to be easy, but yet it is as complicated as we choose it to be.. take care and the best of wishes to, Cynthia

Friday December 22nd 2000 01:49:09

Hi CJ, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best and season's greetings, and thank you for this lovely site which I really enjoy. Keep up the great work, and have a wonderful holiday season and happy new year!

Sunday December 17th 2000 01:46:47
Scott Miner of Scott Miner / Nowsville

I found Hey Jules via.. Through my pal Latka Thompson
My favorite part is.. everything!

Some of Julian's Music ranks with the finest rock/pop ever recorded. His vocals are so evocative of his dad's that it makes me wish he would put out more CDs. John's songs were often overly political; Julian explores more of the inner man. I'm ready for the next album, Jules. How 'bout getting George, Eric and Gary Brooker as sidemen? Or maybe me? Scott Miner surfside beach SC USA

Thursday December 14th 2000 08:04:12

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My favorite part is.. everything

The best(photograph smile)! i liked all the songs in the album especially "and she cries". i'm looking forward to listening to your new songs. you should know it, you have it in you, you are a gifted artist.

Thursday December 14th 2000 01:57:24
Simone Tyrrell

I found Hey Jules via.. doing a search on Julian
My favorite part is.. EVERYTHING!

I love coming back to this site again and again. I love reading everything about Julian and looking at all the photos. Cj you have done a fantastic job with this site. Never would I be able to collect this much info on Jules! Thanks for letting us all be able to view it.

Wednesday December 13th 2000 05:28:27
John of Beatles Lyrics and Album Covers

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My favorite part is.. All of it

From the webmaster of one of the most popular Beatles sites on the net, to the web master of what SHOULD Be one of the most popular Julian Lennon sites on the net, I commend you for what a great job you've done on this page. Simply outstanding

Sunday December 10th 2000 05:26:13
John Tsikretsis

I found Hey Jules via.. dumb luck
My favorite part is.. this one

Sunday December 10th 2000 04:44:25
Pål Flåtene

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My favorite part is.. Its all great!!

Hello Julian! I think you have a very very good voice, and never stop being yourself! with kind regards Pål Flåtene

Sunday December 10th 2000 09:29:12

I found Hey Jules via.. trought john lennon pages
My favorite part is.. all pictures are good


Sunday December 10th 2000 09:17:55
Anniina from Finland

I found Hey Jules via.. trought john lennon pages
My favorite part is.. pictures

KEEP ON DREAMING!!!!!! with love,by Anniina...

Sunday December 10th 2000 07:03:51

go on with your life you have a great talent go for it

Sunday December 10th 2000 01:27:29
Diane Randall

I found Hey Jules via.. I've been here since it started
My favorite part is.. CJ's dedication to putting together a beautiful site for Julian

Julian, It's very sad that you were harassed to the point of breaking your own resolution of silence. But what is even more sad is the fact that some of those who harassed you into doing so, would selectively edit your words for sensational gain. Your statement is a powerful testimony to the nature of your emotion, intelligence and sensitivity. Unfortunately, the meaning of your message will be lost with those of shallow minds. You did not say what they wanted to hear. Instead you have us an insight of your true feelings that have evolved over your lifetime so far. Those feelings show honesty, compassion, understanding and love. Diane

Saturday December 9th 2000 05:52:44
Diego Emedan

The Dream is not over. Keep it alive.

Saturday December 9th 2000 08:41:30

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My favorite part is.. pictures, of course

I heard all the hype on Julian's statement.So, b/4 I made any judgement, I went to his site to read it. I wish he would've kept it short, and sweet "whereever you are........." I went to American English (beatles trib band) show last night, and was surprised how many people were down on Julian, believing the media, not reading the actual letter. Too many of them already formed their opinion about it. Sad. I don't care for the way my Father raised me either......thank God, my Dad is a "nobody". I wish Julian the best.

Saturday December 9th 2000 05:44:44
Maureen McCann

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Saturday December 9th 2000 05:36:57
Maurice Colgan of Elvis in Ireland

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My favorite part is.. info and photos

Just hope Julian finds his own place in the order of things. John would be proud to see how he is maturing-and sorry too for his own mistakes.

Friday December 8th 2000 01:35:28
Margaret Harding

I found Hey Jules via.. newspaper

Friday December 8th 2000 12:10:42
Fran Roth of Braque(not sure I have one)

I found Hey Jules via.. looking for Julian Lennons web site
My favorite part is.. I found your cover page very pretty.

I found the articles I read strong and interesting. I must agree that Julian is one young man with much class! Hopefuly what goes around comes around and he will get his true dues and other's will get what they deserve! Thank you for being able to put in words what I can only paint. Thanks again.

Friday December 8th 2000 11:04:08
Steve Bird

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My favorite part is.. Undecided

Friday December 8th 2000 07:33:49
Lynn Cleckler of clecklers

I found Hey Jules via.. searching the web
My favorite part is.. Front page looks great!

Julian is a true star in his own right! He has had to overcome many more obstacles than the average "star's child" and he has done so with class, dignity and an attitude that shows his true colors!

Thursday December 7th 2000 09:40:22

I found Hey Jules via.. through UK & IRELAND yahoo

I simply love the entire thing, I've been searching for any information that I could find on him and I am glad that I finally did.

Thursday December 7th 2000 08:25:42
anita schmidt

I found Hey Jules via.. searching like crazy
My favorite part is.. up to date pics, news

Been a fan since day one. Spoke to him on a radio talk show and i just love HIS voice. I have tried to get info on what he's up to other than trouble I am glad i found this site. Keep up the great work. Is there an e-mail address that his fan club handles? Is Thumbs up still around? JULES RULES!!!!!!!!! anita

Thursday December 7th 2000 07:59:29
Luis Cornielles of CorporacionDrx

I found Hey Jules via.. On TV
My favorite part is.. What he represent to the world

There are so few peoples that really know what Julian represent to the world. Even he seem to unknown it. Please Julian, don’t forget whom once called you “Jude” and try to show you who you are. The dream isn’t over.

Thursday December 7th 2000 07:12:16

I found Hey Jules via.. link from julian
My favorite part is.. pictures

I have loved Julian since the 80's.I didnt realize he had any sites or that he still does live shows,I'd love to see one.I am so glad i found this Julian I love ya!!!!!Hope you are well and happy!!!!!Your voice is incredible!!!!

Thursday December 7th 2000 11:54:58

I found Hey Jules via.. link from
My favorite part is.. All of it.

just wanted to let you know what a great website you have. I haven't gotten through it all but I can't wait to read every bit of info. I saw Julian in concert back in the 80's twice when Valotte and Daydreaming came out and have loved him since. My 12 year old son's name is Julian. Of course named after Julian Lennon. He asks me all the time about Julian and his friends and teachers even call him Jules.

Thursday December 7th 2000 06:25:09

I found Hey Jules via.. search engine
My favorite part is.. pictures

Well done, a really thorough and interesting web page dedicated to a great guy!

Tuesday December 5th 2000 07:57:01
tracie miller

I found Hey Jules via.. just searching
My favorite part is.. opening page

good luck and stay cool,i'm a fan and just wanted to wish you the best and to stay cool

Monday December 4th 2000 12:13:54

I found Hey Jules via.. search engine
My favorite part is.. discography

I had the pleasure of seeing Julian in concert in the summer of 1999. He gave a tremendous performance, and his music is testament to his being John's son.I hope he continues to share his gift with us and look forward to seeing him again soon.A fan for life,Doug

Friday December 1st 2000 10:29:39
Juliette AKA: Jules

I found Hey Jules via.. I found this page because someone in told me about it so I checked it out! :)
My favorite part is.. Well, I haven't got the chance to check everyhting out but, so far I like everything! ;) :) Peace, Love, and John Lennon~ !! oo~

I've been a hug *Beatles* and *John Lennon* for 200 years!!! LOL Well, not really but it seems that long! And now I'll probably be a big fan of Julian Lennon as well, although I haven't really heard his music yet, but I'm looking into it~ ;) Keep up the good work! Man, It's incredible how Julian looks like his dear ole *DAD* HUH? :)....... Sincerely Juliette AKA: Jules