January 2000

Saturday January 29th 2000 02:15:49

I found Hey Jules via.. JUST LOOKING
My favorite part is.. EVERYTHING ABOUT JULIAN


Friday January 28th 2000 08:53:04
Cathy Brocker

I found Hey Jules via.. quite by accident and happy I found it
My favorite part is.. Knowing how wonderful he truly is and that he is truly appreciated

I was fortunate to see Julian at the HOB in L.A. He was fabulous and it was great seeing him perform with Justin. I also was able to briefly meet him after the show and he graciously signed a poster when he was advertising for Tony Lama boots. He was quite surprised to see it and we were able to chat a little as he signed the poster as well as signing articles for other people. I would be delighted if he would tour again this year. I look forward to checking here often for more info.

Wednesday January 26th 2000 06:23:08

I found Hey Jules via.. It's my home away from home!
My favorite part is.. Latest News and all that stuff I missed in between Valotte & Photograph Smile

You do such a great job on this site, CJ -- it's wonderful! There is sooooo much information here! I don't know how you keep up with it all. You are an angel for keeping the rest of us up-to-date on what's going on with our favorite songsmith. Toodles!

Wednesday January 26th 2000 03:38:23

I found Hey Jules via.. Link from CD-Now and Julianlennon.com
My favorite part is.. The quotes

I think that Julians's latest album is quite possibly the best rock album I've heard in years. In fact it's one of the few real rock albums of the last few years. I think that "Valotte" and "Too Late For Goodbyes" are awesome songs, but I think Julian totally outdoes those songs with an album where every song is fabulous. I would like to have the money that "Jules" has, but besides that I know that he is an inspiration because of the things he's been through and couragiously survived. BTW Julian if your out there please, please, please come and rock the house in Wichita, Kansas, USA! Nathen

Tuesday January 25th 2000 08:30:05

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My favorite part is.. everything!

I love you Julian!!!!!!

Tuesday January 25th 2000 02:41:26

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My favorite part is.. The pictures

I saw Julian in September, 1999, in Charleston, WV at the Haddad Riverfront Park. I wander how he liked performing on a barge? I thought he was wonderful. I really enjoyed his concert. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He seems like a really sweet person. I love his new CD "Photograph Smile". I hope he comes back to Charleston very soon. I would gladly pay to see him again.

Tuesday January 25th 2000 02:35:01

I found Hey Jules via.. I looked under Julian Lennon
My favorite part is.. The pictures

Saturday January 22nd 2000 01:06:53

I found Hey Jules via.. My main Julian site, don't go anywhere else! most days...
My favorite part is.. THE CLUB!!!!


Wednesday January 19th 2000 04:13:22
marianne neal

I found Hey Jules via.. ask to see things on himpictures
My favorite part is.. photos knowing there are other people who can apcate a good talant when thay hear it!i

i think julian has had to over come a lot of things just because of who he is.he has proven he has talant and can stand on his own merits.i pray for his peace and good health!

Wednesday January 19th 2000 12:52:40
Julia Stirnimann

I found Hey Jules via.. with the official homepage
My favorite part is.. everything...and of course: his daddy!

hello! I'm a girl from swizerland and I don't speak very good english. I'm a great fan of john lennon and julian, too. Now in swiss-language: gets no anderi lennon-fans i de schwiz???? na ja, chönd mer jo schribe: lule13@hotmail.com! ech hätt bös fröid! ech chome öbrigens vom kanton lozärn ond be 17!

Wednesday January 19th 2000 12:45:57
Julia Stirnimann

I found Hey Jules via.. of the photograph smile cd
My favorite part is.. oh.........his daddy, but I like julian, too

I'm a girl from swizerland. In swizerland there isn't a lot of lennon fans! Okay, sorry, I don't speak very good english...bye all

Tuesday January 18th 2000 07:55:25
Tori Ann Steele

I found Hey Jules via.. On the Internet
My favorite part is.. Julian's music

What's up Jules! This is Tori here you're favorite music fan I like your singing Good Luck! singing

Tuesday January 18th 2000 05:26:54

I found Hey Jules via.. Had to be fate
My favorite part is.. ALL of it

Being the Paul McCartney freak I am (I consider Paul family) naturally anything that is related to him in even the slightest way is interesting to me. Well we all know Julian's part...I have cared about Julian for many years and was deeply concerned about him long before the Beatles broke up. I felt he had pretty much been abandoned by his own father and stepmother. And the scales sure always seem to lean towards Sean moneywise and in the affection dept. But you know Julian proves how God sees and knows all. He gave Julian the talent and looks of John and no one can take that away from him. So rock on Julian make us proud. Your part of the family as I see it. I send love to you all...PEACE

Saturday January 15th 2000 10:06:47

I found Hey Jules via.. through official homepage
My favorite part is.. all of it - well done.

Great web page. I love Julian Lennon, he was my very first celebrity crush. I've got over that now, but I still appreciate his music.

Wednesday January 12th 2000 09:06:27

I found Hey Jules via.. surfing
My favorite part is.. knowing that there's information about julian around and that there are other people that think he's great and has got his life together dispite what the past has served up to him.

Just wanted the world to know that there are also people who live down under that love Julian and that we cannot wait for Julian to once again grace us with his music and himself. I hope that the new milleniun brings Julian and all the people he cares for joy, happiness and peace. And hurry back to the land of oz, specially Western Australia, we've waited long enough.

Monday January 10th 2000 09:53:47

I found Hey Jules via.. From Julian Lennon.com
My favorite part is.. All of it especially trivia ??

Thanks for getting me on the map and for making a special site to come and visit. I like to keep updated and you have alot of info and other fun things here. Keep up the great work and Ill keep coming back to check it out. Thanks again.

Sunday January 9th 2000 10:14:25

I found Hey Jules via.. Julian web site
My favorite part is.. everything

CJ just thought I would let you know that I love your new look site. You keep us up-to-date with all julian news

Sunday January 9th 2000 03:25:51

I found Hey Jules via.. INSTANT KARMA LED ME HERE
My favorite part is.. JULES QUOTES ABOUT HIS DAD

I am so glad Julian had ascended from the ashes of his troubled times. I think I speak for everyone when I say that John would have been sooooo proud of Julian. I know John wasn't the best father, but ANY father would have been proud of a wonderful person and wonderful musican such as Jules. And, like the rest of you, when I close my eyes and listen to Julian sing, no matter how hard I try, I still hear that strong effervescent Lennon-quality voice that belongs to only two people in this world: John & Julian Lennon. I applaud Julian--not for being the son of a God, but for trying his damnedest not to be. Keep up the good work Julian, we all adore you. MILK & HONEY, Tara

Sunday January 9th 2000 03:16:47

I found Hey Jules via.. Karma led me to it.
My favorite part is.. Jules' quotes about his dad.

I think that living with a name like Lennon had to be difficult for Julian. I'm so glad that he's come to deal with it in a positive way. He is a wonderful musician and it's good to see that he's proud--and not discouraged--with the name he was dubbed. Being John's son can't be easy. I just want him to know that everyone thinks he's absolutely fabulous. And I'm sure wherever John is, he's thinking "I've got two great kids." I'm sure he's proud. John may not have been the best father, but any father would be proud of that boy. Milk & Honey, Tara