July 2000

Sunday July 30th 2000 12:10:43
CJ of Hey Jules

I found Hey Jules via.. Own it..
My favorite part is.. Knowing that other fans enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoy creating it..

Jacs ment to have a link to her new Julian Lennon Yahoo club called Help Yourself
So there you go.. Help Yourself..
Hope to see you some time at the Hey Jules chat Jacs..
CJ Burianek

Sunday July 30th 2000 09:04:00
Jacs of Help Yourself Yahoo Club

I found Hey Jules via.. Google Search
My favorite part is.. It's all great!!!!!!

Hi!!!!!! I have been a Julian fan since Mr.Jordan was released, I was 12. Have been hooked ever since. Saw him in concert here in Melbourne Australia in 1998, a dream come true!!!!! I just started my own Yahoo! club for Jules, I had some concert pics and lots of chatter to share, so I thought, 'why not??'!!! I also look forward to joining the chats at the Hey Jules Yahoo club......OK babbled on long enough probably!!!! Thanks, great site!!!!!

Saturday July 29th 2000 06:54:47

I found Hey Jules via.. a search on AltaVista
My favorite part is.. definitely the article in Hello!

It is interesting to get Julian's perspective on life, his past, his future, and his family. He said that he doesn't adhere to any religious beliefs. I pray that he will soon understand the reality of the God of the Bible. May he come to know Jesus Christ.

Thursday July 27th 2000 12:29:19

I found Hey Jules via.. yahoo search
My favorite part is.. learning about hhis thoughts and family life.

I'd like to know when he is in the area I live on LOngIsland and I am a fan for life....

Thursday July 27th 2000 07:49:48
Tomoko Shikada

I found Hey Jules via.. John Lennon Society
My favorite part is.. All

Monday July 24th 2000 11:12:56

I found Hey Jules via.. John Lennon society
My favorite part is.. Everything's just great...

I think everybody talks too much about Sean. It should be the same with Julian... Because he's a wonderfull singer, just like his father, and deserves be known by that!

Friday July 21st 2000 07:33:02
Lisa from Globe, AZ

I found Hey Jules via.. Dogpile.com

I like Julian very much and this site is good.

Saturday July 15th 2000 12:34:27

I found Hey Jules via.. not quite sure :)
My favorite part is.. pictures

Your site is very well done and very classy-looking! Great job. I had always thought Julian was a great singer and felt bad that real talent is sometimes overshadowed by hype.

Sunday July 9th 2000 12:04:28
Bridget Zarling

I found Hey Jules via.. brother
My favorite part is.. biography

Thursday July 6th 2000 03:01:50

My favorite part is.. ALL OF IT IS WONDERFUL

CJ- Keep up the great work!! You keep all of us in touch with our favorite person in the world, Julian. Thanks for all you do!! I'll definately stick around!!!

Monday July 3rd 2000 05:36:30


I Love Julian very much, especially his album-Photograph Smile!!!! I love all the good songs in it!!!! Keepin' goin', Ju, make more good albums for all your fans!!!! We all love you!!!! Choose a picture? Oh, god, it's so hard to do!!! They are so great!!!!