March 2000

Friday March 31st 2000 10:43:47

I found Hey Jules via.. whilst browsing all the different Julian Lennon sites!
My favorite part is.. I love all the cool pics of Julian, and this guestbook is a cool idea

um.............what can I say? Let me think....ok, well, I am a great Juian Lennon fan. The first Julian song I ever heard was Saltwater, when I was about 11 or 12, I saw him perform it on 'Wogan' (remember that??) and it was then that I fell in love! Photograph Smile is a class album.......Julian, if you ever read this, you are beautiful!

Friday March 31st 2000 03:09:12
Elizabeth York Miner

I found Hey Jules via.. A wee bit of cyber surfing...
My favorite part is.. All is very nice, indeed.

I was fortunate enough to see Julian perform in Chicago last year...and was in awe the entire evening. I have a great love for his father, but John's son or not, Julian stands completely separate, his own emotions, his own talents. He is absolutely awesome!

Thursday March 30th 2000 11:53:38
John 'Jock' Allen

I found Hey Jules via.. Looking for downloadable music
My favorite part is.. good reading

He has done some great music a chip off the Old Block. But in his own Right. Jock ( Older Set ) Melbourne AUSTRALIA

Tuesday March 28th 2000 06:52:18
Rene K.

I found Hey Jules via.. Yahoo Search Engine
My favorite part is.. All of it!!!

This site is a great compliment to Julian Lennon!!!!!!!! All fans should check it out!!!!!

Thursday March 23rd 2000 01:13:10
Skibby! of Lighthouse Library

I found Hey Jules via.. I have it bookmarked!
My favorite part is.. wow ... current news and talk about the songs on all the different albums I guess

Hey CJ! Just checking in to see what's new here. Congratulations on the new award -- goodness knows you deserve it for all the work you do on this site! I'm sure Julian appreciates your dedication, as do we the fans. Toodles!

Wednesday March 22nd 2000 12:15:27
Melinda Adkins

I found Hey Jules via.. Searching for Julian sites
My favorite part is.. all of it

I'm really glad I found this site. I saw Julian during his US tour and the show was amazing. I can't wait for the new CD. This is great. Keep up the good work.

Friday March 17th 2000 01:15:14
Mike A. Campuzano

I found Hey Jules via.. I was just messing around trying to find information on julian.
My favorite part is.. All of it, I love the articles and the reviews, I can't wait till his next cd comes out. I actually got Photograph smile when I was in London back in 98. When I returned home I was surprised that it was not relaesed yet in the U.S. I thought that was kind of cool, having the cd before anyone else.

Thursday March 16th 2000 05:39:39

I found Hey Jules via.. looking up beatle stuff
My favorite part is.. all of it

I love everything there is that has to do with the beatles and their children. My favorite beatle was John and I guess thats why I am here. I love Julian because he is so talented like his dad. Well thats all I have to say for now. Bye bye bye.

Tuesday March 14th 2000 04:34:15
Stacy N. Stodden

I found Hey Jules via.. Looking up stuff on Julian Lennon
My favorite part is.. I couldn't really pick a favorite(the photos)

If John Lennon were still alive today he would be jealous of Julian's work.

Sunday March 12th 2000 03:56:01

I found Hey Jules via.. searching
My favorite part is.. every bit - clever you!

hiya cj - long time no see - borrowed a friends pc and here i am... can't see to find my old haunts - serve myself right - take care - write whenever - luv bindii

Saturday March 11th 2000 10:19:27

Hi!I love Photograph Smile.I'm 16 and I'm Italian.Please,write me soon, so we can "chat" about his music.Bye! Valeria

Saturday March 11th 2000 07:50:18
Patty Martucci

I found Hey Jules via.. I've visited before, but just got our new home computer yesterday, so I though I'd return!
My favorite part is.. Photos of Julian and messages from fans. He's the greatest. My husband John & I got to see him live twice this past summer. Great concerts in New Haven, CT & Boston, MA! Also joined the fan club.

Great web site, just wish the new CD's would come out sooner. Great seeing fans of all ages write to you about the wonderful talents Julian possesses.

Saturday March 11th 2000 04:33:40

I found Hey Jules via.. Yahoo
My favorite part is.. All of it!!!

This is a very good site!!! Congrats!!! And a message to all the female fans of Julian out there.......... DOESEN'T HE HAVE THE BEST SEX APPEAL EVER!!! He really drives me wild.Much better than his father ever had let me tell you.

Friday March 10th 2000 03:40:02
Julie of art

I found Hey Jules via.. asj jeeves
My favorite part is.. Just seeing him

Julian, Good going. You have done a good job, always the best to you.

Tuesday March 7th 2000 08:19:13

I found Hey Jules via.. looked under Julian Lennon
My favorite part is.. nothing in particular!

I found this site quite amusing, I used to love Julian when I was 15! I'm 30 now and am still quite patial to him!! Hasn't he got a fantastic nose!!!

Monday March 6th 2000 01:50:57

I found Hey Jules via.. Instant Karma
My favorite part is.. the news

I love john & julian there music kinda speaks to me in a way. Hi I'm 14 and most kids my age are into rap ,punk, rock When I ask them if they like the beatles they say they suck but they dont know what their missing. I got into john and jules when mtv started to suck. and I've been a beatles fan ever since and to anybody who reads this you know that we all shine on like the moon the stars and the sun.

Saturday March 4th 2000 12:07:03
Leslie Dyche

I found Hey Jules via.. via Julian
My favorite part is.. All of it

The album Photograph Smile was absolutely 'brilliant' but you've played live in America, when can we see you live in England

Thursday March 2nd 2000 12:19:36
Michelle Duvall

I found Hey Jules via.. searched under Julian Lennon
My favorite part is.. Through the years

This website is really great! I was just thinking about Julian Lennon and decided to surf the net not thinking I'd find anything but I did! This is a terrific site and I'll continue to visit! Thanks! Michelle