September 2000

Thursday September 28th 2000 02:50:48
Tori Ann Steele

I found Hey Jules via.. In Valotte
My favorite part is.. I just love it!

Julian I wish you and Jules Rules for the future and I hope you answer my letter soon I love you cutie pie!

Wednesday September 27th 2000 06:13:47
Deanna Dietz of IWon

I found Hey Jules via.. Searching for facts on the idiot (Mark David Chapman) who killed John Lennon....just so happens I'm a Julian Lennon fan as well.
My favorite part is.. I really haven't looked at anything yet!

It's just great to see that there are people who enjoy and love Julian as much as I have over the years. He's very talented and we are all truly blessed to have Julian and his music in our lives.

Tuesday September 26th 2000 02:26:34
Joelle Lennon of Julian Lennon Fan Forum

I found Hey Jules via.. Jules rules Newsletter
My favorite part is.. Everything

I love everything about the site because it is extensive. I can visit anything that I have missed by searching the archives. Hope Julian gets his album out soon, anything he does is worth the wait!!

Thursday September 21st 2000 10:56:13
victor rodriguez

I found Hey Jules via..
My favorite part is.. lyrics and biography

Thursday September 14th 2000 03:01:32
Tori Ann Steele

I found Hey Jules via.. In Valotte
My favorite part is.. All of it

You are the coolest club ever keep up the good work!

Saturday September 9th 2000 11:58:24

I found Hey Jules via.. Through Boomerang
My favorite part is.. New songs and pictures

I have liked Julian since the early 80s . I love his songs, and think he has awesome talent!!!

Monday September 4th 2000 10:43:46
Jan Lennon

I found Hey Jules via.. With Yahoo
My favorite part is.. Every part

I got to know the music of Julian by his father John. I was really wondering if he was as great as him. And I realised that he is not such a hypocritical bastard with great music. I feel sorry for Julian because he didn't really had a dad. And I just want to say: Julian just be a real Lennon in your music and writings.

Sunday September 3rd 2000 11:23:21
Steve Mortenson

I found Hey Jules via.. Using Search engine to find Julian Lennon Bio.

Hello. I was a fan of The Beatles, especially John Lennon..his music and what he stood for. I was so very pleased to see that Julian has followed that same musical journey his father started. Julian's album, Valotte, is a great album in that Mr. Lennon gives the listener a taste of rock, a ballad or 2, some carribean flavoured sounds, demonstrating his creative musical abilities. He is very much like his father, yet, very much his own person. I saw him in the movie "Leaving Las Vegas", and I hope he intends on following up on his acting ability too. Continued success Julian! Steve Mortenson London, UK