April 2001

Monday April 30th 2001 06:42:29 PM

A very Happy Birthday to this wonderful site for Julian! You've done a great job, CJ. You've used your creativity for our enjoyment while at the same time keeping us all informed about Julian. A lot of friendships have been created through the contacts of this site. For all of this I'd like to say thanks. Keep up the great work. Diane

Monday April 30th 2001 06:00:41 PM
Jen Souza

I found Hey Jules via.. I turned left at Greenland
My favorite part is.. The continual updates

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Hey Jules. Happy Birthday to you. AND MANY MORE!! Wow, CJ just think, if it wasn't for your site I would have never met Patb or Reina (who live within a stones throw from me) or have ever gotten acquainted with Lynn and mostly, I would have never had the priviledge of having you as an email bud whether it's our daily dribblings about the 2 Js, or technical stuff. Thanks! Julian has brought a lot of us together in one way or another. And to think, 3 years ago, I thought I was the only J fan left.

Monday April 30th 2001 04:03:53 PM
Cass of Day After Day

WOW!! Three Years. I can't recall when I came across "Hey Jules"..but it was sometime when it was starting out! It was the 2nd Julian site I came across and the one that I have found to be the best! All the best for many more years..to come..Cass

Friday April 27th 2001 04:10:26 PM
Vicky Johnson

I found Hey Jules via.. from julianlennon.com
My favorite part is.. not sure yet

Friday April 27th 2001 11:35:08 AM
Donna Henle

I found Hey Jules via.. from his monthly newsletter

can't get enough of Julian

Friday April 27th 2001 10:41:55 AM

I found Hey Jules via.. From a Julian Lennon newsletter

What a wonderful website this is. I have adored Julian for most of my life. I was fortunate enough to see him in concert twice in the 80's. Julan is a beautiful man with a lot to say. He is so talented. Julian has truly touched my soul. There were many times when things were bad in my life and his music brought me such comfort. Thank you for making a special little place on the web for such an awesome man. Traci

Friday April 27th 2001 10:14:32 AM
Suzanne of Get Winterized!!

I found Hey Jules via.. Julian's newsletter
My favorite part is.. The whole site and layout is beautiful

I think your site is beautiful! Keep up the great work!

Monday April 23rd 2001 04:19:35 PM
Jamie Lawson

I found Hey Jules via.. from julianlennon.com
My favorite part is.. The pictures

I have been a big fan of Julian Lennon since 1984 when Valotte first came out. I love his music very much and hope the best for him in the future.

Wednesday April 18th 2001 03:00:27 AM
jeanette whiteley

I found Hey Jules via.. fanspeak
My favorite part is.. all of it !!!!!

Monday April 16th 2001 02:58:27 AM

I found Hey Jules via.. i was looking for julian lennon sites
My favorite part is.. all of it

i have been a fan of Julian Lennon's since 1989. i fell in love with his music. i love how he is a real musician, playing, writing and singing all his own music. he is an extremely talented musician. in august 1998 i won the chance in a lifetime, to meet Julian Lennon in Adelaide. it was an extremely wonderful experience meeting him. he was the nicest person and i enjoyed myself immensely. i wish him luck will all that he does and hope to hear some more of his music in the near future. love belinda

Thursday April 12th 2001 12:47:40 PM

I found Hey Jules via.. via my own devotion as a jules fan
My favorite part is.. ANYTHIN! JULES RULES!!!!!

sweetness... i havent been able to get on, but i would like to tell the world that i DID remember julian's birthday...

Wednesday April 11th 2001 03:12:53 PM
Tariq Siddiqi of Tijan

I found Hey Jules via.. surfing the net

I used to manage Julian in the early 80's

I hosted Julians 18th Birthday party at Stringfellows

Virtually every paper around the World featured the Party the following day.

Dress code was white Julian arrived in my striped jacket which he took out of my wardrobe.

By thr way Julian did not record at Abbey Road I know because I funded it

Wednesday April 11th 2001 03:03:02 PM
Tariq Siddiqi of Tijan

I found Hey Jules via.. surfing the net

I used to manage Julian in the early 80's

Monday April 9th 2001 05:16:05 AM
benjamin of The Hypotenuse Eccesignum

I got it all wrong. I forgot "users" on my URL. Anyways, since I'm back, Happy Birthday Jules. I nicknamed my lady bestfriend as Jules, and she nicknamed me George, well Beatles forever, anyway Jules is a beatlebaby and I am a beatle rocker!!! Thanks, peace!

Monday April 9th 2001 05:10:07 AM
Benjamin of The Hypotenuse Eccesignum

I found Hey Jules via.. lyrics.com
My favorite part is.. photograph smile

I really loved all the songs from the album photograph smile.

Sunday April 8th 2001 09:24:59 PM
FreaznellJ. Pugh

I found Hey Jules via.. search the internet
My favorite part is.. posting a message to Julian about his birthday

I think your web site is a cool site. Thank you for letting me sign your guest book. I love Julian and his music and i hope he continue to make music. I hope that Julian see this message from all his fans. Yours, Jovita Pugh

Sunday April 8th 2001 09:00:17 PM

I found Hey Jules via.. New about it

Hi! Julian, I know it's your Birthday so I thought I would say Happy Birthday!
You must be 38. Happy birthday! I hope you had a nice one. Love Krissi!

Sunday April 8th 2001 08:30:29 PM
Joy of *Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy*

I found Hey Jules via.. through the links page at JulianLennon.com
My favorite part is.. i haven't gotten to look at all the goodies yet, but the start page looks great!

Wonderful job :) i'm glad to see that someone has a site devoted to Julian. I wish to learn more about him, because i am a huge John Lennon fan. I want to get to know Julian as a person, as well as his music.

Thursday April 5th 2001 03:20:24 PM
Pat McHugh

I found Hey Jules via.. Yahoo