June/July 2001

Monday July 30th 2001 11:34:13 AM

I found Hey Jules via.. through the Macca-L list
My favorite part is.. the updates
I've been a fan since... ever since I fell in love with The Beatles!

Great page! It's nice to see a page about Julian! My gosh he looks like John....... I can't wait to get the VIVA magazine now! It's nice to hear all the updates on him! I'll keep checking in to hear more! The movement you need is on your shoulder........

Thursday July 26th 2001 02:01:48 PM
Michael-D. Craig of Totally Awesome 80s Pop Music Book

I found Hey Jules via.. Google Search
My favorite part is.. Updates

I was quite happy to discover this site. Julian was a fave of mine back in the 80s, and he deserves a site dedicated to him. There's a reference or two to Julian in my new book, The Totally Awesome 80s Pop Music Trivia Book, which you can check out at the provided URL link. Keep up the terrific work on the site.

Monday July 23rd 2001 05:50:33 AM

I found Hey Jules via.. search machine google/ I was trying to find the song text of 'Too late for goodbyes'
My favorite part is.. the news part

Hello to everyone who reads this! I think you've got a very interesting page. some more photos (from other musicians, too!) would be great!

Saturday July 21st 2001 06:00:10 PM
Tori Ann Steele

I found Hey Jules via.. just surfed in
My favorite part is.. all

A cool site for Jules keep on having him on this site!

Tuesday July 17th 2001 12:46:45 AM

Great Site, CJ.
Does anyone know when Jules' new CD is supposed to come out? he's said a long time ago that he's been working on it. In fact, I recall Julian being quoted that he even had some good songs left over from Photograph Smile. CJ? Anyone?

Tuesday July 3rd 2001 07:11:06 AM
CJ of HeyJules

The guestbook should be working now... sorry about the link problem to sign it there for awhile...

Wednesday June 13th 2001 06:50:21 PM
Jen L.

I found Hey Jules via.. LInk on JL.COM
My favorite part is.. Cover Song Suggestion themes

Julian is a very talented artist, and I appreciate that someone is maintaining a site that contains up-to-date material about him. Thanks!!

Tuesday June 12th 2001 06:31:32 PM
Helen Marketti

I found Hey Jules via.. ask jeeves
My favorite part is.. photos

I like the photos, information, and updates. I would like any information on Julian sent to my email please. thank you very much. tabathac81@hotmail.com