March 2001

Saturday March 31st 2001 07:19:52
paul reyolds

I found Hey Jules via.. looking for johb lennon
My favorite part is.. all of it

not a bad site there jules.

Monday March 26th 2001 03:06:32
Angela Baker

I found Hey Jules via.. search engines that were ran on his name
My favorite part is.. Haven't yet to review

Monday March 26th 2001 01:29:37
Anita Kessler of cynlennon_60

I found Hey Jules via.. my daughter
My favorite part is.. informing latest news

I thought the site was very artistic, and you can tell you put a lot of time and thought into it.

Sunday March 25th 2001 07:36:38

I found Hey Jules via.. searching for anything on julian
My favorite part is.. everything, i've absolutly loved him since i first heard valotte.

I really wish that julian was still as popular as he was back when i was a teen. I've always thought that he was very talented and also very handsome. I still like to listen to Valotte and Much To Late For Goodbyes.keep up the good work Julian i'll always be a loyal fan.

Friday March 23rd 2001 09:09:36
Debra Brown

I found Hey Jules via.. Just surfin' the net
My favorite part is.. Everything about Julian is my favorite

I think Julian is so extremely talented, I can't believe it. I keep listening to the Photograph Smile CD over and over and over again. His lyrics, music, and his voice are such an awesome combination. I'm enjoying all the pictures and information on the HeyJules website. Love always, Debbie

Thursday March 22nd 2001 12:23:01
Rainy Macleod

I found Hey Jules via.. Just looking around via websites
My favorite part is.. the pictures!!!

I have been a fan since 1996 and I love his voice he's so cute in his early year pictures have you met him or e-mailed him before if you do please give me his adress I have so much to ask him!- Love ya Jules!. Rainy

Thursday March 22nd 2001 05:45:02
Jane Leighton Hayward

Julian Lennon is Julian Lennon. I'm sick of the whole John Lennon VS Julian Lennon thing. It's time for people to let go of the past and live for the future. I hate to think what Julian went through and is still going through. Julian you shine also on your own! We love you always!!!! Jane & Zanna

Thursday March 15th 2001 04:55:22
Britney Moore of Cloudhill 700

I found Hey Jules via.. Searching Alta Vista for Julian sites
My favorite part is.. The Lyrics so far

I really like your site I came mainly because I've seen Julian on TV a few times and I really enjoyed his music (and I'm sure he'll be happy to know I enjoyed his music on his musics own standards and not once while listening did I compare him to his father) and I was curious on what the lyrics were (now I know I heard Don't Wanna Know on Lettermen very nice song I can still remember the melody to the chorus) to make sure there was nothing particular bad b/c I try to stay away from music like that. But his is really decent and I deffinetly wanna get the album!! Photographic Smile! I'm starting to save up for it now!

Tuesday March 13th 2001 05:41:13
Indica of INDICA

I found Hey Jules via.. Just surfin
My favorite part is.. It's all really great

Hi there, i was just surfin looking for Julian Lennon sites and came across this one. I'm a big fan, i also have a slight link to him through my band. Manny Elias (drummer for Julian Lennon) produced our cd so i was interested to find out more about Julian.

Monday March 12th 2001 01:53:38

I found Hey Jules via.. just looking around

just a little note to let people know that julian has a fan in Australia and that she would love it if Julian could make another trip to Perth, Western Australia, your last trip here was a dream come true and one that needs repeating. When are you coming????????? Please really soon.

Thursday March 8th 2001 07:51:08
Cass of Day After Day

I found Hey Jules via.. A Long Time Ago
My favorite part is.. I really like it all..

Thank's for posting my wallpaper this month :). Yep, that's what I have been doing working on different parts of "Day After Day" changing designs and stuff..until Julian sing's some new music :) TTYL, Cass

Thursday March 8th 2001 03:54:42
Heather Baddley

I found Hey Jules via.. through aol
My favorite part is.. pictures and news

Just another Julian fan checking out the sites. An admirer of his since the beginning of his career, it was a pleasure to find "Photograph Smile" on the market. Julian fans are very loyal aren't they? These sites prove it I think.