May 2001

Thursday May 31st 2001 09:05:07 AM

I found Hey Jules via.. via link

I remember hearing once that JL wasn't too fond of his work on Help Yourself. I hope he realizes that there are fans out there who appreciate the music on that record very much. I usually don't like all tracks on a record, but this is one of the few I listen to from cover to cover. Thank you, JL.

Thursday May 31st 2001 04:53:27 AM

I found Hey Jules via.. search engines
My favorite part is.. lyrics & comments

I just love him from the first time I heard his voice (Valotte), what more can i say... Keep going ! All of you at the web site too ! Flo

Wednesday May 30th 2001 01:47:58 PM
Tori Ann Steele

I found Hey Jules via.. In Valotte
My favorite part is.. The pictures

Hi cutie pie it's me Tori you're biggest fan in the whole wide world My birthday will be here next month it's falls on June 28th that's a Thursday! I hope I heard from you soon but my dream is coming true to travel and be a writer Can't wait for the new album

Monday May 28th 2001 12:01:11 AM
Noora Karjalainen

I found Hey Jules via.. through the yahoo search
My favorite part is.. things related to 'Photograph Smile'

The pages look cool and beautiful. I really didn't have time to go through all the items but the song 'Day After Day' stole my heart and now I just hope I could Find the particular album somewhere. I'm also in love with the Beatles', John's and Paul's music.

Monday May 21st 2001 05:32:40 PM

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Sunday May 20th 2001 08:03:01 PM
Don ( Canada )

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My favorite part is.. Lyrics of all the Songs

Great site...really great! I'm from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada home of the "Guess Who". I found your site after being captured by the song Saltwater. I was going crazy not knowing the one line "Send photographs from Mars". I searched the net and finally found your fantasic site. I was an old Beatle fan and in fact the total British invasion of the 60's. I paid closer attention to John Lennon's work after his death. I am now a big fan of Julian. I think he is doing a great job considering his father was world renowned. A hard act to follow. I have a lot of respect for Julian Lennon.

Friday May 18th 2001 05:55:15 PM
Jeannette C. Dennis

Tuesday May 15th 2001 07:11:07 AM
CJ of Hey Jules

Hello Marcelo
You are thinking of the song Saltwater.. it was Julian's greatest hit everywhere but the US where it wasn't promoted well... The Lyrics etc are here ... I haven't done the captures from the video yet but will be... The song was released in 1991 off of his 4th album "Help Yourself"

Tuesday May 15th 2001 07:01:44 AM

I found Hey Jules via.. Good but you´re missing the most important thing
My favorite part is.. All but yo forgot the most important song.

Ther is absolutely no mention whatsoever about his greatest hit and probably one of the nicest songs of the 80`s: Water wells in my eyes.
It´s as if he never sung that song or never had anything to do with that song at all.

Tuesday May 15th 2001 05:04:23 AM

I found Hey Jules via.. WHILST SURFIN'
My favorite part is.. DISOGRAPHY!

Thursday May 3rd 2001 10:01:07 AM

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Wednesday May 2nd 2001 11:54:12 AM

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My favorite part is.. It's all wonderful :)

Hey CJ- Just wanted to say I love the new collage. You and Julian ... heehee Keep up the great work :)