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November - December 1999

Friday December 24th 1999 01:03:52
cassasong of DayafterDay

I just wanted to say what a nice job you do at keeping up "Hey Jules" it's a wonderful site on Julian!and thanks for alway's answering my e-mails.

Thursday December 23rd 1999 04:17:14

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My favorite part is.. Everthing

Hey peoples! How's life? I just realyl found out about Julian's life 2day on VH1s Behind the Music, and even though he doesnt like to be compared to John, the resemblence cannot go unnoticed! The eyes especaially, and the voice! Try this, just sit down with your eyes closed and listen first to John's music then Julian's.... it's really strange. I am John Lennon's biggest fan and I hope to learn lots more about his first son! Thanx ya'll! Peace!

Tuesday November 30th 1999 10:29:47
Gordon VM

I found Hey Jules via.. Hey Jules! Ifound you at your concert in San Diego, Ca. at the viejas casino
My favorite part is.. My fav part is that it's all FAB!

Hey Jules! When are you and Sean going to get together and ROCK the WORLD? I can hear wonderful sounds! Is it in the works? Hope so. DUDE!!!

Monday November 22nd 1999 07:20:35
Erin of With Love: A Tribute to Julian Lennon

I found Hey Jules via.. known about it for quite a while
My favorite part is.. Everything!

Julian is so great and CJ you have done the most wonderful job on your site that just keeps getting better and better! Great work!

Friday November 5th 1999 08:54:40
Aline Sodre Lopes

I found Hey Jules via.. I found it in Yahoo
My favorite part is.. I liked everything...maybe Faq and Albums

Hey All!I'm a 19 years old brazilian girl,and I am crazy for The Beatles,and crazy for Julian Lennon too.He means a lot to me,I know he doesn't like of being compared,but I can see so much of his father in him,his eyes,his voice,his way...HIS TALENT!!!!!I really loved this Page!From this day on,this will be one of my fav sites oo web.Congratulations...and mail me guys! "All you need is Love " Aline!

Tuesday November 2nd 1999 02:05:00

I found Hey Jules via.. surfin for info on jules
My favorite part is.. couldnt find anything about the son of my fav artist...till now!!!

love it all. I have had a hard time finding out anything about this man till now!!!thanks , you made my day!!!