Julian Lennon

By Sean Plottner
September 4, 1989 "US" Magazine

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What have you been doing in the last three years?

I've been getting involved on the business side of things. For the second album I was pressured and contractually obligated to write a hit in a short period of time, and I wasn't confident enough to speak out against it. Finally, after watching my career go down the drain, I called up my lawyers and said, "I've got to do something about this." I spent hours and hours on the phone trying to find new people that I could trust. Now I have new management that I'm in control of. There's only one person I can blame if anything goes wrong.

Do you feel people were taking advantage of you?

I really do. A lot of decisions hadn't been made in my best interest, and I felt like I was being packaged. In one way, it was because of my ignorance and naiveté. I haven't got a cent of what I earned from the first two albums. I can blame myself, but again I really didn't know what was going on.

What emotional effect did all of this have on you?

I spent almost a year frustrated, not knowing what to do. I got into coke in a big way during the touring of the second album and the year following that. I was totally mixed up, depressed and out of my mind. It didn't make me feel particularly normal. I'd stay up until God-only-knows-what-time in the morning and sleep all day, and by that time I'd feel better and say, "Okay, let's go out again." I decided to go to Switzerland to get away from everybody I knew and sort myself out. I've been fine ever since.

How did you recover from the cocaine binge?

Abstinence, realizing if I didn't do something about it I was gonna die. I barely pulled through, but thank God I went through all that then. I learned from the experience. Otherwise I might still be like a lost sheep and have done something drastic at a later stage in life.

It seems that you've done some growing up lately.

Oh, yeah. Now I recognize things coming my way from experience. It's just a question of realizing what's going on around me and how ignorant I've been. I'm not the dumb kid I was two years ago.

What brought about your harder sound?

I grew up listening to quite a bit of jazz, but I used to be a heavy metal, hard-rock fan, too - AC/DC, Van Halen and many others - so I've always liked that harder edge. But this album, as far as I'm concerned, is only the beginning. I don't have any idea of what I'm going to be doing but it's going to be a lot more raw and a lot more opinionated lyrically. I've used shyness in the past to avoid issues and keep my opinions quiet. I'm not tired of being nice, but there is more to me than that.

Do you fear you might be losing some fans in the process?

Maybe I'll gain some. I might lose some mothers along the way, because a lot of mothers like me these days: "Oh, isn't he such a sweet person, and the music's so sweet." I can be like that, but that's one side of me. I'm just bored of it.

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