Julian Lennon

By Sean Plottner
September 4, 1989 "US" Magazine

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What possessions of your own do you cherish?

Antiques. Just one or two pieces that I bought years ago when I had some money. I love antique furniture because I'm still looking for that home to live in. It's something that's very important because all my life, even as a kid, I moved every six months to a year. Mum always moved around because she wasn't accepted or didn't feel comfortable or whatever. It drives me nuts that I can't settle down.

Did you read Albert Goldman's controversial book about your dad, The Lives of John Lennon?


Do you have anything to say about him?

There's a couple of words that come to mind, but I don't think you'd like to print them. Writing a book about someone who can't defend himself is not good, especially with the subjects he created stories about. I really felt it was a grave-digging situation. It was a question of money and sleaze. There was a radio show Yoko and I did in Los Angeles where we picked 20 things that Goldman said that were supposed to be facts, and shredded and slammed them. And then we actually had a poll, a fun poll; people called in at the end of the show to say who they believed. Ninety-eight percent went with Yoko and me and two percent went with Goldman.

Do you have any outside interests, like sports?

I was sitting with Paul McCartney's dad a long time ago, and he introduced me to horse racing by way of betting. That got me into it, and from that point I used to look at sports from a betting point of view. It wasn't the best way to go. I soon lost my appetite for that and moved on.

Do you ever speak to the Beatles?

I bump into them once in a while.

You've said that Paul McCartney and you are a little ill at ease with each other.

Yeah. Well, it is like that. We don't really know each other that well, although when I was a kid, when I was 5, he used to hang out with me all the time. But I don't remember too much about that. All I remember is, well, I see pictures of us being silly. I remember rolling about and wrestling with him once in a while and stuff like that. There's a lot in common from the past, but not really for today.

How about Ringo Starr and George Harrison?

It's the same thing almost. I'll bump into them and it's, like, "How are you doing, what are you up to?" I can't really explain it, but it is tough. It's not very relaxing being with them. It's tough for them, too.

Do you ever listen to Beatles music?

The only time I do is if I'm in the car and the radio is playing Beatles. I'll leave it on because there are songs that I just haven't heard for a while or played for years. It's nice to hear them again. I love their music to death. Pretty much every song they ever did is in my head somewhere.