Mr. Jordan According to Mr. Lennon
A Candid Conversation

Atlantic Records PR 2693
Letter From Atlantic accompanying the promotional interview LP...

Dear Music Friend -

When Julian Lennon played the last concert on his "the Secret Value of Daydreaming" tour, it marked the end of a three-year cycle that had seen him rocket from relative anonymity to his status as a most successful young artist. he had spent those three years almost exclusively in the proverbial studio-tour-studio pattern. All this, plus the demanding promotional activities that accompany the making of popular music, had left Julian desperate for some time to relax and regroup.

After a year of travel, Julian settled down in Montreux, Switzerland and found himself back at the piano again. When he realized that he was starting to build up a selection of songs, he decided it was time to bring in some friends. Julian flew in Justin Clayton, his longtime guitarist and writing partner, and at a later stage, John McCurry, a brilliant guitarist best known for his work with John Waite and Cyndi Lauper. Within several months, they had amassed about 25 songs, some complete, others without finished lyrics, and Julian was eager to start recording. Pat Leonard was a producer whose work Julian enjoyed. As Lennon states, "Once Pat heard my demos, all his suggestions coincided exactly with what I had in mind. next thing I knew we were in the studio."

A new songwriting partner, a new producer, a new recording approach, a new band, as well as the artist's new-found maturity all contribute to making "Mr. Jordan" - the first Julian Lennon album in nearly three years - a major musical event. Harder-rocking and more experimental than anything he has released so far, "Mr. Jordan" also marks a decidedly new approach for Julian.

The first single release, "Now You're In Heaven" has been met with tremendous response at radio (AOR breaker in two weeks... heading top 10), press, retail and MTV! Julian supported the release with  a two-week promo tour which brought him back to Los Angeles in time to rehearse for his upcoming club tour.

At this time, we are happy to present the newest edition to our ongoing interview disc series... "Mr. Jordan According to Mr. Lennon," a refreshingly candid conversation with Julian, conducted by Dan Neer. The format is as follows:

A Side - Questions and Answers (unbanded)
B Side - Answers Only (banded)

We hope you will find this disc useful as "Mr. Jordan" reaffirms Julian Lennon's place in contemporary music. It marks the beginning of what promises to be a fascinating chapter in an already noteworthy career.

Thank you for your support!