The Tonight Show

With Johnny Carson April 1989

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The interview with Johnny Carson and the pictures on this page come from Julian's appearance on 
the Tonight Show in April of 1989.  Transcription of the interview, captures, and graphic art were done by CJ.

Johnny Carson: My first guest is completing his United States tour this week. He's going to start off with a song from his latest album which is called "Mr. Jordan."  It's his third album. Will you welcome please Julian Lennon.   Julian....

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Julian Performing "Mother Mary" on the "Tonight Show" with 6 band members including best friend, Justin

Yeah, Julian Lennon. That's great!

Uh (as he's going over to see Johnny Carson)

Julian LennonWhat do you mean uh? Tell me what you're talking about? Now you came over - when I came over I notice that when you came over you went something like "uh". Something like that. Did something happen?

Well, no, no. My voice has been pretty - really rough. I blew it out last night in Las Vegas, so to speak. And it's... uh... it's hard trying to keep it together on the road sometimes.

Now what do you do? What do you do when you get to that point? Cause that will happen...

There's not much...

...especially to people that work in the desert.

There's not much you can do because you're flying all of the time. You're in and out of the air conditioning, out into the humidity and it just gets to you. And once you lose your voice...if you don't have a day off then you're in trouble and you sound like I just did.

No, it was fine. Now  how many shows have you played in the last, say...  month or so? Are you almost every night?

I don't know. It's pretty much every day. We were over in Europe for about a month or so clubbing it and then, uh, we decided it was time to hit America again.

 It's good to meet you and have you on the show.

Thank you very much.

We'll do this and  let your voice relax for one minute and then we'll come back for awhile.

Commercial Break......