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With Johnny Carson April 1989

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Good stuff, good stuff, good stuff. We're talking with Julian Lennon. Uh.. You live here in Los Angeles now?

Yeah, I moved here about a year or so ago

How do you like it?

I like it very much.

Somebody said you - Are you domestic or...

I'm very...


I like to cook and paint and knock walls down and put walls back up and uh -  yeah very domestic.

Yeah... Somebody said you have people over sometimes to help just take a wall down.

Yeah, I've actually moved a couple of times since I've been here and um, I still haven't - well I might have found a place now. But before - when I moved into places I always wanted to knock a wall down. And uh, I used to have "wall knocking down parties" at every, uh, new house and video it so I'd just have it up in memory.

Julian Lennon and Johnny Carson Did you own the house at the time?

Yes, I did. Yes.

 It's tough to do...

But people ask me to go...

 ...when you're renting.

I do go over and do other houses. So if anybody needs a wall knocked down...

 Here's a question that you get asked all of the time, but I almost - I feel compelled to ask it.


When you have a famous father, is it tough? Do people expect more of you... do you think sometimes? Or does it make it tougher or easier? I know you've had the question before.

Yeah...Um well, I think people - quite a few people, expect me to be as equal as him when I start out in my work or talent or effort or whatever I try to do...


...which is a little tough to start out with. You know...

Of course, everybody has to reach their own...

Exactly.. Exactly.. It takes time to progress and gain knowledge. But...I mean the thing I do these days - I used to listen to a lot of people's opinions and that would always bring me down and I found it very hard to...

You have to find your own way, don't you?

Very much so. These days I really don't listen to anybody at all and I just follow my heart and do the best I can at what I do.

I think that's the only way to progress if you're creative...

Absolutely... Absolutely.'ve got to go with it. When you're on tour all the time, obviously, you have a chance to meet young ladies, I'm sure.

Yeah... Yes.

Is it tough to form any kind of lasting relationship or are you more into the music now and that will come later?

Well, uh,  yes. Absolutely. I'm really concerned - well, not necessarily concerned, but I'm really 100% involved in my career at the moment and whether it be the creative side or the business side. It pretty much takes up 90% of my time. And it - and I find it really hard to find a balance where I can release the music and take care of personal affairs. So it's a little tough for the moment. So I'm married to music at the moment. Very happily married.

Well, there's plenty of time for marriage.


Plenty of time. Plenty of time. Somebody said that - your step-brother is Sean, right?


He was on stage with you in New York?

Yeah, I came into New York a day early before the show and sort of asked him whether he wanted to join me on stage. He had been up there a couple of years before, but just stood there on the side. But this time I said, well, if you feel like it, you know, mentioned it and if you want to come up and sing...


...and he came straight up, took the guitar, stood in front, and stole the show. It was great. He was wonderful.

So you work well together?JLjctalking2.jpg (7897 bytes)

Yes, absolutely.

That's nice to get along that well.


Could you do something else for us? Is the voice still...

Yeah there any voice left?


I'd hate to kill you for your next concert.

Hey, no, it's fine.

So, I tell you what. Don't sing full out.

Oh I have to on this one. Um...

Oh, you do?

 ...Well I don't know. This one is a little harder edge style from the last one we played, so if - you might want to put your ear plugs in now.

No, no, no. I'm all yours. It's all yours.

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