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Photo by Ran KinAn important part of the coming off and the success of making "Photograph Smile" has your producer Bob Rose, who I've known for a long time and who arranged this meeting. How did you get to this studio-maniac?

"I met Bob several times in the States, and first I thought he was a freak, because he looked exactly like a typical American producer. I never judge a book by its cover, but I am convinced that everything happens as it has to. But how my album came under his direction is a bizarre story.

A couple of years ago I met a talented and rather successful musician called Gregory Darling in the USA, the lead man of a band called Darling Cruel. Shortly after that, I moved to Monaco where I met the former Scorpions drummer -  Herman Rarebell. He was enthusiastic of his new company 'Monaco Records'. You remember: this project where Hermann's partner, prince Albert of Monaco, gave no money but ennobled it with his name and his references. Next day I met Herman for a drink and I talked about Gregory Darling. Herman knew him as well and thought of him as a great musician. So we called Greg spontaneously.

Within this conversation Gregory mentioned this fantastic producer Bob Rose, whom he worked with at that time. The perfect marriage. - At this time I didn't had any concrete plans about music, but nevertheless we flew to the States a few days later. There I met Bob and when I heard what he did with Gregory's work I gaped. Herman had the idea that the four of us could fly to Barbados for a week or two; he had to go there anyway to check out some studios. And I was allowed to be the alternative tour guide, as I knew the place.

Two days later we - Gregory, Bob, Herman and I - sat in front of our house at the beach of Barbados, and I took a guitar and played a few song-fragments that I had had in my head for some time. Gregory and Herman went to the nightclub later and Bob and I sat together for hours talking about songwriting, producing and the vibes between the man at the mixer and the musician etc. Bob came across so intensely that I became nervous and told him that I wanted to produce myself this time because of my bad experiences of the past. I said that I had had enough of the influences of a producer on my music, to give up a part of myself again. Nevertheless we decided to go to a studio and give it a try and look if we could work together. So when we went back we rented a studio, signed on some musicians we knew and to my surprise we recorded, within a week, eleven complete songs. And I had to tell Bob: 'Unbelievable,  you've convinced me! I like it from beginning to end.' So we went on working on the album which was never planned and was done by chance. But this coincidence made me feel how the relationship between Bob and me grow every day."