Articles from Vienna, Austria

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Photograph Smile

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Picture from an article from ViennaJulian Lennon - after a 7 year pause he returned to the music business. "I don't care anymore what people are thinking about me of if they want to compare me with my father" says a self-confident Julian Lennon, son of the legendary Beatle John. After struggling with his record company, his image, and himself for 7 years, he now presents his new album "Photograph Smile" in Vienna. "It took me 3 years to get out of my contract" Julian explains. "The producers knew exactly how I should represent myself and what kind of music I should play. But that had nothing to do with me!"   He took the consequences and formed his own label. The result is one of his most personal albums ever.  "I think it's the first real Julian Lennon album!"

To write new songs was like a therapy for Julian to get under control his drug problem. "I got to know my darkest sides - I don't want to go through that again!" he shortly tells about the hardest time of his life.  He turned his back to his home country England - now he is living close to Milan. As the son of John Lennon, he was a typical victim for the British media. But he has learned to manage that. He's only defending himself against the rumors about a Beatles reunion with him replacing John. The modest musician will be touring in Europe in the end of this year. The profits will be for the benefit of charity purposes. He want to come to Vienna in any case. "I'm a fan of architecture! I'm very impressed of what I've seen of Vienna!"

Picture from an article from ViennaSean: "I couldn't stand it if there were old Beatle fans standing in the first row at my concerts - people should come because of my own music and not because I'm the son of a Beatle."  What he does for that: his songs don't have anything in common with those of John Lennon.

But it is harder for Julian, the first son. After the success of "Valotte" we didn't hear much from him for a long time. "My manager and record company wanted me to write songs which should remain to the Beatles."   What followed was an identity crisis and drug addiction.  This year he made his comeback but not with much success.  And he tells nothing good about his dad. "He had left his family standing in the rain and didn't care about us." But the relationship with his brother Sean seems to be quite o.k. "We were already performing at a Club in New York together - he is quite a nice guy!"

If there is the question about "Lennon & Lennon" they have two different opinions. "Why not" says Jules.. "Never" says Sean, "there'll only be some old Beatles fans who want to hear John Lennon's sons singing 'Let It Be.'  To imagine that is horrible!"