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Photograph Smile

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November 2nd, Picks & Pans by Barry Divola

Photograph Smile Julian Lennon (Epic)

The term "Beatle-esque" gets bandied about a lot these days, but when "Hey Jude" was written about you, your surname is Lennon and your father's voice seems to have somehow been magically transferred to your throat, you're never going to escape the tag. And Julian Lennon doesn't do anything at all to distance himself from that legacy on his first album in seven years. The video for the chirpy "I Don't Wanna Know" even uses a mop-top band in a series of swinging London scenarios, while "How Many Times" borrows from Dad's protest years, although with lines such as "well, there's people in pain all over the world" and "say goodbye to the birds and the bee's," he's not exactly re-writing "Imagine" here. Tellingly, Julian and his half-brother, Sean, have the same weakness - they are both way too pofaced in their lovelorn lyrics. Fortunately for Sean, he's a bit of a bowerbird who can keep us distracted in the musical department. Julian doesn't offer the same luxury. At best, "Photograph Smile" is a mish mash that recalls the faded carbon copy of the Beatles own reunion single, "Free As A Bird." At worst, it's like Ringo's recent solo album. ($29.95, 64min 35sec) C-

Jodie's Response to this review:

The Editor Who Weekly Letters
GPO Box 4983

Thursday 12th November 1998

To The Editor,

In reference to the review of the new Julian Lennon album "Photograph Smile" (Picks & Pans, Barry Divola, Nov 2, No. 349) I don't believe Julian Lennon was trying to write "Imagine" when putting together his new album. I believe even the son of, recognizes that to try and re-write something that was already brilliant would be putting himself in a position of scorn from the critics. Though in regards to both Julian and Sean's pofaced lovelorn lyrics. Wasn't it a rather famous friend of the family who wrote the very popular lyrics "Who wants to fill the world with silly love songs? What's wrong with that I'd like to know?" In this day of shock rock and death metal, isn't it nice to hear I love you now and again.


Jodie Trenear