Good Times

19 August 1999

Special Thanks to Pat!

Photograph Smile

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Notes from Pat: 

The reason why everyone was singing Beatle songs was because there was a street musician there playing only Beatle songs...they're great songs, of course people sang along, that doesn't mean that is the only reason they were there.....

And although Paul Clavis does play on Photograph Smile, he was not on stage in Santa Cruz.....

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Julian Lennon Stands on His Own Michele Benson Good Times, August 19, 1999

Tuesday afternoon, a crowd of fans gathered early outside Palookaville. They were playing old Beatles tunes and holding vigil. It seemed sad that these folks didn't appear to be here to see Julian Lennon, as they were still caught up in the loss and memory of his father, John Lennon. But Julian was to change all of this the moment he took the stage. His warmth and honest demeanor, balanced with his musical and vocal proficiency, clearly separated him from his father's shadow.

He gave 200 percent to the audience throughout the night while performing material from his new album Photograph Smile. His songwriting reflects his human experience and pain, in life and in love, but in a mature and profound way. "Crucified" stood out as a particularly strong song with Paul Clavis playing the Tabla and ethnic percussion, musically transporting the audience into the realms of the Middle East. "I Don't Wanna Know" had all the styles of a Beatle-esque hit but with Julian's own signature and strengths. The evening closed with Julian's dedication of "Stand By Me" to what he called a loving Santa Cruz audience. An appropriate end to a magical night from a truly gifted artist in his own right.