Irving Plaza - NYC Concert Review

3 August 1999

Photograph Smile

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Irving Plaza, NYC
August 3, 1999

If there were a machine that could freeze time, the perfect night to do so would be when Julian Lennon came to The Big Apple on August 3rd. The music was absolutely mesmerizing from start to finish with an intimate atmosphere enveloping the large crowd of Lennon fans.

Julian Lennon, in support of his latest record, Photograph Smile, delivered a show that his American fans had been waiting for over 7 years and he did not disappoint. Lennon and his talented band started off the show by performing cuts from the new album, such as "And She Cries," "Day After Day," "I Don't Wanna Know" (a tongue in cheek look about critics who would compare him to a famous rock star who happens to be his father) and "Crucified," with exuberant enthusiasm. While he was performing the title track, there was a minor technical problem with the microphone, everyone in the crowd quieted to listen. To add to the intimacy, Lennon would describe each selection and the meaning of it to the audience, which was an added treat.

In addition to the cuts from Photograph Smile, Julian and crew did "No One But You," a song that he's considering for the next album, and hits from his previous releases ("Saltwater" and "Too Late For Goodbyes", the latter of which was updated, had a bluesy feel to it, and involved audience participation).

As an encore, Julian Lennon and his band wrapped up the night with two upbeat crowd movers, including the classic Ben E. King "Stand By Me."

Not to be overlooked is the opening act on this tour, The Pushstars. This fabulous trio from Boston, MA. features a songwriter that is unsurpassed and tunes that are unforgettable. The Pushstars short, but sweet 35 minute set included tracks from After The Party on Capitol Records. "Everything Shines" (a song that is on the There's Something About Mary soundtrack), the humorous "Drunk Is Better Than Dead," the peppy "Minnesota," the first single "Any Little Town", and "Silvertown" from a previous release were just some of the gems. The Pushstars gave a great start to an unforgettable evening.

--Sherry Thomas--