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 3 December 1999 

Photograph Smile

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Claudettedoiron: What is the song that you feel was your greatest accomplishment.

Julian Lennon: At the moment there were 2 songs - Saltwater. an environmental song. and the other one that gives me goosebumps is Walls. addresses many values in life things I needed to break through and find oneself

Riley: Hi, Mr. Lennon! Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year! What are you doing on New Years Eve?

Julian Lennon: Thank you very much. am spending Christmas with friends and family

arogers: your next concert?

Julian Lennon: I'm in negotiations right now for future work.

Julian Lennon: I see myself in the writing mode and in the studio in April/May I hope to have it out by December. many pieces are not finished yet. it takes a lot of time to do this. much heart and soul in this work.

Riley: Do you have any pets? If so, what are they? What are their names?

Julian Lennon: no pets at the present time. I haven't really had a home for 5 years. I'm living here and there and I'm really not settled down yet because of my traveling schedule. it's extensive.

Julian Lennon: I used to have several dogs in America. I hope to have a home soon. I adore pets and am looking to settle down

Riley: Will you ever be playing in CO? If so, do you think it will be soon?

Julian Lennon: Well. Riley. where were you 3 months ago? The fans there were absolutely fantastic . . .

Riley: What's your favorite color?

Julian Lennon: My favorite color is green. I do not know why. I think it has something to do with nature.

Riley: What's your favorite number?

Julian Lennon: My favorite number is 4. I think it means strength.

Sweetiestarr (Erin): Hi Julian! I saw your concert and I met you over the summer and you were absolutely wonderful! I also loved the new song called "No One But You." It seems to have a similar theme to "Help Yourself." Were they written around the same time?

Julian Lennon: No they were not written at the same time. "No one but
You" was a favorite of mine and will be on the next album.

Kkunz: Was it your decision to play "I Don't Wanna Know" on the late night talk shows in the US, and if so, why?

Julian Lennon: Yes. and why not?

ate1918381: You said that you would come back again possibly with an

Julian Lennon: This is my first experience. there is nothing like real strings with real emotions. just the vocals give you a sense of emotion whether it's moving and provokes feelings and thoughts I'd like to be true to the work itself.

Inkerta: Will you tour Australia soon?

Julian Lennon: I wouldn't say soon. the next lineup is to do the Viking recording. so thereafter I will do a world tour with a full orchestra hopefully, it will be a charity tour and we will address many of the problems of the environment we're in. We wish to make it a charity event but with a full orchestra.

Plrrms (Diane Randell): Good evening Julian. I hope all is well with you. Thank you for sharing your evening with us. Some of your songs paint such vivid pictures with the lyrics like Sunday Morning, Would You and Walls. Do you get your inspiration from real life experiences?

Julian Lennon: I think to be a true artist you have to draw upon your own experiences. Obviously I have learned from my own experiences otherwise it doesn't mean anything.

ate1918381: How long did it take to complete this album? When is the next album due to come out?

Julian Lennon: The album literally took a year. I was working on it on and off at a time to reflect upon the work. I wanted to be true to myself. I wanted to be as happy as one can be with the work. It was a question of sitting down and figuring out what affected me the most. and putting my first real body of work together.

Julian Lennon: This for me feels like my first album. the other albums were guided by the people. It was very much a learning experience. this one I co-produced with a friend of mine.

Jjaquier: I'm learning how to play guitar. It's extremely difficult, but I love it. Did you teach yourself? Also, any advice?

Julian Lennon: Well. I had some guitar lessons in school when I was 11 or 12. from a physical ed teacher who was a Rock and Roller with a DA style. so I learned off and on for a year. then I become self taught. I am more than a writer than a player

BeattleBabe (Danielle): Will you do the states again? and Nashville?

Julian Lennon: Obviously we will get around to it. it will be part of the world tour. no dates yet.

mandalee1013 (Amanda): hello Julian!!! My name is Amanda and I was at your Austin concert and was wondering if you had used the cookbook I gave you??

Julian Lennon: Thank you Amanda. I haven't had time to get into new recipes yet. I hope to get into this sometime soon. my resolution next year is to further my education on the arts of cooking.

Cariesfriend: You have been all over the world, what's your favorite place to be and why?

Julian Lennon: I do enjoy Europe because there are so many different cultures so close together, being in a different country every day is fascinating. Europe is my base now. Because of my job I do get to travel and get to the places that are fun. I always make sure that I can stay at the places I enjoy.

Dawnz: Hello Julian! I enjoy your music. I remember seeing you in a cameo appearance in a movie many years ago. I can't remember the title of it, but I remember your cameo. Do you have any acting plans in the future? I personally think you did a great job! Thank you for your time.

Julian Lennon: Thank you for saying that. it was Leaving Las Vegas which was very enjoyable. it gave me a feel of what it was like to act. I had done a lot of it at school. It has always been that I wanted to pursue acting. I have many scripts coming. it's a matter of time. the right script. the right place. the right time. It's not entirely ruled out.

Ladyjeant: How are you and Sean getting along?

Julian Lennon: We get along absolutely fine. the problems are the distance between us. there are times that I make sure that we see one another. we actually crossed paths on our tours. I have never had a problem with Sean I love him.

woot555: Julian Lennon do you have a girlfriend?

Julian Lennon: I'm afraid the ring is on the finger.

Aileen: Hello Julian! On the inside sleeve for the record Valotte, there are some numbers and such. If you can remember that far back - what are they?

Julian Lennon: Thank you very much. my memory is intact. that information was the original scoring for the Valotte.

Sscgol: Julian, do you think your early success helped or hindered your development as an artist?

Julian Lennon: I think it helped in many respects. it's good to know what being famous is all about. it helped me realized that friends and family are the most important things in life. It also enabled me to find a balance in life earlier. rather than later. I have learned and benefited from it.

Riley: Do you like to garden?

Julian Lennon: From time to time I have green fingers when time allows. I appreciate them a lot. allows me to breathe and think and very close to meditation. brings me to peace.

DRWILLARD: Julian do you ever keep in touch with Paul McCartney especially since Linda died?

Julian Lennon: There are occasions. he is a dear sweet man. I receive cards a lot. He is an absolute gentleman.

Laurief: Julian thanks for the tummy rub in Denver's a Boy, my husband Ex-Bay City Roller Duncan Faure- was wondering what artist if any in the world would you like to perform with?

Julian Lennon: First congratulations. As far as artists go. there are many that I admire. I am opinionated and headstrong the work has to be the way I envision it. the last album I worked with Paul Bucanan and we wrote The Other Side of Town, it was a favorite of mine. Nothing is in motion yet. I always admired David Bowie. Bono was very talented.

Solitaire: Do you do any visual art as well???

Julian Lennon: I used to do a lot of sculpting and painting. I'm trying to balance my life out in such a way so I can get back into that. in the past I focused on photography and possibly doing some writing as well. the photographs would replace my music.

JimiJaye: Do you have any plans to do any work with either Paul, George or Ringo or all three?

Julian Lennon: No. it's as simple as that now. I have to get too many things off my chest. there could possibly be a time when that could happen. we've played some ideas together. it is something that could be a possibility.

Cariesfriend: Whatever happened to your dog Sophie do you still have her?

Julian Lennon: Sophie I handed on to some dear friends who still live in America. that happened because I had to move back to Europe. she is in good hands.

Lrca: If you had to chose a moment in time to relive what would it be?

Julian Lennon: I must say that one is difficult. there have been so many special moments. I guess when I was on the radio for the first time. that's what I remember.

Cinemafan: Are you an animation fan- you have done many vocals-or songs to animated films? Any plans to do more?

Julian Lennon: I've actually done some voice work in the States. I wouldn't rule out. I will do it if I feel comfortable with the story line.

sjp1: Is God or a belief in God a real force in your life and work?

Julian Lennon: I must say that I believe there are forces in this world . positive and negative. but you must know yourself to be true with yourself. that is inspiration to me.

ate1918381: The artists that you toured with were fantastic. Have you known them a long time?

Julian Lennon: The Push Stars I met them for the first time on tour at rehearsals. they sent me a lot of CD's to listen to. I immediately felt that these guys are the guys to go with. they were the hardest working. the tour went very well with them. we are still friends.

Ladyjeant: does this time of year have you missing your dad a little more than usual?

Julian Lennon: Not particularly. naturally the heart strings do pull. when the media reminds me what happened at this time of year. I do not sit around and think about it.

BeattleBabe (Danielle): I have all of your CDs and Photograph Smile is by far the best CD I have ever heard in my live. It really hit home for me. I would like to know if "NO ONE BUT YOU" will be on the next CD?

Julian Lennon: Thank you BeatleBabe. I feel the same way about this album.

Mikemono: Do you remember the nine-year old boy (your youngest fan in the world) who was brought back stage to meet you (you took a picture w/ him and signed his CD) after your August 3rd show in NYC, he is my son Michael M. from Albany, NY and because he fell asleep, he wanted me to ask you when you expect to begin recording your next album, and wondered if/how he could attend a recording session. Because of you, he's taking piano lessons and is very interested in music. Thank you so much for making his day on that night after your NYC concert. He has the autograph and picture right near is keyboard.

Julian Lennon: That's very sweet and dear to hear. yes I do recall and
I'm glad to hear that I have inspired someone to follow a dream and passion about music. as for the recording session. I do not know where I will be to record. not even the country, get in touch with my record company in London called Music From another Room, check out my web site which should give you the information you need.

Tgwfte: What music do you listen to when you're at home relaxing?

Julian_Lennon: Believe it or not I do not listen to music very often.

Julian_Lennon: Generally when I am in the car, I like to take trips, and that is the time when I can enjoy it. some of the artists are Radio Head, the Blue Nile and Keith Garrett. and many many more. the Eagles. the list goes on.

Jessebt: There are some great old photos on the new record. What is your most vivid musical childhood memory?

Julian Lennon: I would have to say. when I went to NY to see Dad. he knew I was taking guitar lessons. that was the earliest fondest memory in that respect.

7left: My friend and I saw you in Ft Wayne. I'm a long time fan, she was new to your music. We loved every moment, if possible it sounded better than the CD. We wanted to drive to the next show we loved it so much!! My question, Julian, is do you think you'll make music for a long time, or do you worry you'll tire of all the tours, recording and everything?

Julian Lennon: I must say that. even reintroducing myself back into the music industry is a tiring experience. it hasn't changed since I entered it long ago. the idea for the future in that respect is to try to keep my sanity and balance in all of this and this left little time for anything else and the other parts of life are important. friends and family. I will write and record to the day I die. but I don't feel that I will be on the road a lot in the future. for the most part I feel that my passion is song writing itself so I plan to write and record when the feeling is right. I plan to devote much more time to the other side of life which are most important. also some other creative passions such as art and the written word. the list goes on. and spend time with the people who feel most dear to me, we never know how long we have.

wont-I: How do you see the internet playing a part in the exposure of new artists?

Julian Lennon: I think that it is having a considerable effect as has already been proven that's why I'm spending so much time on the web site because it offers artists a chance to be heard without being judged by those that don't know anything about music. I feel that the internet will allow the artist will be heard without compromise. This is the wave of the future. as improvements are made as time passes.

Julian Lennon: Thank you for joining us. I would like to say thank you to the many wonder people out there, to those who allowed me the chance to prove myself as a true artist and I hope I can continue to inspire others for the rest of my days and I look forward to see you out there. and have the best Christmas you can have. and have a happy. happy. New Year. It's only a beginning!

Thank you for having attended our live event with Julian Lennon.