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February 22nd, 1999

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Julian Lennon ( Fuel 2000/Universal) Reviewed by Steve Dougherty

Full of melodies as sweet as the performer's baby photo on the cover, Julian's first album in eight years is a return to the inoffensive sounds of Valotte. That 1984 debut became a hit, thanks in part to a catchy single, " Too Late for Goodbyes, " as well as to the son's close resemblance, in look and vocal style, to his late father, John. Julian still sounds like a chip off the old block, albeit a relatively lightweight, sentimental one. Most of these 14 tunes, all composed ( or co-written) and sung Julian, who also contributes guitar, sitar and keyboard work, are watery, vaguely worded loved ballads ( "We tear ourselves apart/ And leave a broken heart") Born in Liverpool during the spring of Beatlemania in 1963, Julian pays homage to those with nicely Beatlesesque " I Don't Wanna Know." And much of "Way to Your Heart" is an almost direct lift from a familiar older tune. But then, Julian has some claim of ownership to "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." As a small boy he spoke the title phrase that his father immortalized.