Lennon Looks Set to Give Marriage a Chance

By John McEntee The Express - Evening Standard - London 4 June 1999
The International Express 8 June 1999

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Julian Lennon and his mum CynthiaJulian's Fiancee Lucy BaylissThe launch of ex-Beatle wife Cynthia Lennon's art exhibition on Wednesday turned into a double celebration. For singer Julian Lennon, 36, her only son by the murdered pop legend, John, seems to have found true love at last and is on the brink of matrimony.

Following a somewhat chequered romantic history, Julian is poised to tie the knot with stunning brunette, Lucy Bayliss, 21. "To be honest, Lucy and I feel married already," a smitten Julian tells me. He proudly showed her off for the first time in public at the jolly bash at the KDK gallery in London's Portobello Road which was attended by a host of Lennon friends and family including John's little known half-sisters, Jackie Dykins and Julia Baird.

Julian, whose many past loves include actresses Kylie Minogue (Julian has denied this rumor many times ~ CJ), Brooke Shields and Tori Spelling (I've never heard this one... ~ CJ), adds: "I am certainly not ruling out marriage to Lucy. We've been together for a year and a half and we are incredibly happy. She works for my management company on Internet projects and other things."

Meanwhile, Lucy, when asked if wedding bells were in the air, shyly replied in the affirmative as she studied 59-year-old Cynthia's intricate drawings of scenes in her marriage to Lennon. It ended in divorce in 1968 over his affair with second wife, Yoko Ono.

Thrice-married Cynthia now lives alone in Province following the collapse of her most recent relationship to former chauffeur Jim Christie.

She was reveling in her new found métier as an artist. "I want to do more exhibitions," she told me firmly, "and I am having a wonderful time tonight - there are so many people here I have not seen for so many years. This is a night for family and friends - it is wonderful to see John's sisters." Julia told me: "John would have loved all this and would have been really pleased for Cynthia - she was always a fine artist. We are all going out for a family meal."

What would fellow artist John have thought? "I think he would have been very proud of me," says Cynthia. And was Yoko invited? "That's a very provocative question but no, she has her own friends and I have mine."