Sweet, softly and lazy

By request, this is a translation of SWF3's site http://www.swf3.de/online-mag/lennon/index.htm I don't know German so I used the Alta Vista translator and tried to make some sense out of it but there are still some rough spots-CJ

Photograph Smile

Bob Rose binds his ponytail looking for a suitable word. Overwhelming doesn't describe it. After a seven year disappearance, Julian Lennon is now loaded with his new CD and a headliner concert in Rome before a few hundred thousand visitors. More than overwhelming.

Set cunning:
How Many Times
And She Cries
I Should Have Known
Good To Be Lonely
Photograph Smile
I Don't Wanna Know
Day After Day
Stand By Me
Bob Rose is Lennon's producer - in Mainz in order to ensure together with SWF tone engineer Daniel Giese the correct sound for the Germany premiere of " Photograph Smile " Altogether there are ten musicians on stage, for the two of them therefore-forty automatic controllers are situated before them snare ,vox gtr,violin - piled beside them a few racks for Hall and similar Spielereien. Over a small video monitor both observe how Julian and CO in the hall concentrate on the sound CHECK.
The master is a little nervous, sings themselves in, focusing time and again on the notes with the Lyrics. He's given three concerts so far: in Rome, London and Singapore. It is quite obviously he is having fun with the music and can now better live with the fact that he (naturally) is compared again and again with his father. Evi Seibert will moderate two hours later: " if today every third tape sounds like the Beatles, why then should Julian, who had inherited the voice of the father as well as his talent, force himself to be different? " The visitors acknowledge this remark with applause and the producer, Rose, acknowledged this applause in the Ue-car with a content smile.
The automatic controller is set high for the three violins. The ready two mixers are obviously the largest headache, although they are on the stage, they are shield against the sound by three large plexiglass windows. Bob Rose explains to Daniel Giese during the sound check the refinement of each individual song. " the Piano player sings those Main background vocals, they need juice. And please continue to pull this Guitar down. Julian is to everyone with it on war foot, that should not necessarily hear! "
Behind the stage there are radix complements for the Lennon crew. " no star airs, no Marotten. Some musicians treat the Buehnenhands such as muck, so that everyone notices directly that they are a star. Lennon thanks you even, if you ausgepegelt cleanly his monitor. " Good mood despite a long working day also in the Ue-car. " Bob is unbelievably professional, that made it fun! " Daniel Giese says after the concert. A giant radix complement, because mixers cannot be accessed normally very gladly from colleagues into the automatic controllers...

Further one left:
Concert photo in the Gallery
CD Photograph Smile

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