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day after day

- single -
Music From Another Room

"Day after Day" is first single from the new album "Photograph Smile" from Julian Lennon, which will appear on 5/18/98.  "Photograph Smile" is the Julian Lennon album, that one always wished he would do: a Song Collection of first class with beautiful melodies and contents, which reflect personal experiences and emotions. "All of my songs are about personal experiences," says Julian Lennon about the lyrics on his newest album. The song "Day after Day" (from the film "From Another Room") is about being far away from the person whom one loves the most. It tells of a man, who fights in the war and does not know whether he will ever come again home. The parallel to Julian's own personal experience was a relationship of many years with a woman (I believe this is referring to Olivia D'Abo - CJ) which was broke by the promotion stress of the last album.

"we were together four years and wanted to marry. "Because of the promo tour, I was away for more than a year and that destroyed us... I can only say that, if I fall in love again, next time I will never again let my career prevail over love." The US film "Music From Another Room", which will start in the summer in Germany, begins with "Day after Day", while the canvas is still dark. Only with the refrain does the pictures begin. The pertinent video clip, directed by Lina Mueller, is shown before the actual full length film. The album was produced by Julian himself and Bob Rose, whose artist list shows names such as Eddi Brickell, Donovan, Stevie Nicks, genes Loves Jezebel and many other more. Julian Lennon will play some Showcases in Germany and will come in the autumn on tour.

Julian Lennon
Photograph Smile
Album VOe: 08.05.98
Music From Another Room