The Day I Met Julian
by Karlie Pearson

Part 2 of 4

Special Thanks to Karlie for her report and photos!

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Karlie's PicWe had to wait in the canteen area before the show. We started talking to another fan of Julian's, Sandy. She seemed really nice, and had brought along some records that she was going to donate to Julian for him to sign and auction off for charity. She had it all worked out with the Midday people... she was going to give them to him on the show. Virginia and I decided to stick with her!

We were sure to be the first in the studio, although as they let us in, we saw that they had brought in older people first who, of course, got to sit in the front. We were stuck up the back, and thought that Julian would not be able to see us. They were bringing in lots of people, and it occurred to me that there would not be enough seats. The three of us kindly gave up our seats to the older people, which left us to sit at the front on the steps. Funny how that worked out, hey!

Karlie's PictureJulian was going to sing on Midday, and as it was a live show I had to stop myself from screaming while he was being introduced. I found a distraction by looking over to the left, where the stage was. To my surprise, he was already there! He saw me looking over, gave a little wave and put a finger to his lips as if to say "Shhh". Me, being the dumb person that I am, waved back to him mouthing the words "I love you!" He smiled, and then realized that he had been introduced. He sang "I Don't Want To Know", which is my favorite song. I sang along with Sandy, and Julian couldn't help himself from smiling at us, trying not to laugh!

During the ad break after the performance, he waved yet again to the three of us! He was obviously impressed with our "WE LOVE JULIAN LENNON!" sign. The interview was great, although I must say that I was too excited to actually listed to it. I screamed my lungs out whenever I could... and we even got on TV! When the interview was over, Julian had to go straight away, as he had other commitments. Poor Sandy didn't get to give him the records, so we asked a lady from Midday what we were to do. She went and spoke to Julian's publicity officer, who asked us if we would go back to his hotel!