The Day I Met Julian
by Karlie Pearson

Part 3 of 4

Special Thanks to Karlie for her report and photos!

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So we went to Julian's hotel. It was very posh, and very up-class. The receptionist and concierge looked at us as if we had two heads. "I don't know where Julian Lennon is and I have no way of tracking him down." Luckily, a young man was sitting nearby, who introduced himself as Clayton from Sony. He was organizing Julian's interviews for the afternoon, and as it turned out, Julian was in the next room! We were asked if we wouldn't mind waiting for about an hour to see Julian. Calmly, I replied "Sure, not a problem!"

I don't know what Sandy and Virginia were thinking, but I wanted to say "I'll wait all week if Julian want's me too!"

The hour went by quickly. Julian was in the next room, and as each journalist entered and another exited, we were able to catch a glimpse of him. We were introduced to "Bob" who was smoking a cigar. (I later realized that this was Bob Rose).

Clayton came and told us that Julian's schedule was running late. He had to be at a radio station in ten minutes, and it took fifteen minutes to get there. He said that we would only be able to see Julian briefly, "but he was sure he could fit us in!"

The door opened, and out he came. I remember it as clearly as yesterday. He had a huge smile as he walked out and saw us there. "I remember these girls!" he exclaimed. He remembered us!!!!! As it was a quick meeting, we couldn't chat for too long. As it was, we were with him for about ten minutes. We had photo's with him, and I got to put my arm around my waist. He had his arm on my shoulder! I haven't washed the top that I was wearing, and I am never going to wear it again! Sandy told him about the records, to which he was very grateful! He was sorry to have to leave, but I was sure to tell him that we understood his busy schedule. He waved goodbye as he was leaving in the car. What a nice guy!

I was so happy to be able to tell my Mum and friends that I met Julian. I showed off my autograph to everyone I knew! I couldn't believe my luck... and just when I thought I had had it all, I heard about Warringah Mall.

Warringah Mall is a shopping centre about two hours from my place. Julian was going to appear there, but then it was called off, and then called on again. I took the day off school to get there as early as possible. Unfortunately, Virginia couldn't go, so it was just Sandy and I.

The day was dreadful. I caught the train in to meet Sandy in the city, which would normally take about forty five minutes. I left in plenty of time, as I wanted to go shopping and buy a present for Jules. A train derailed about fifteen minutes before I left. I though that I wouldn't be able to make it, but I tried anyway. The train ride took four and a half hours... I had to change trains about a million times. But I wasn't going to give up. I finally made it to the city and bought Jules a teddy bear. I was late to meet Sandy, but we were going early anyway.

The trip to Warringah Mall seemed to take ages. We went in the afternoon, even though Jules wasn't appearing until the night. We were the second people there, and so were placed right up the front. Clayton from Sony said hi, as did Bob Rose! The wait was well worth it, as the performance was excellent.

He sang four songs, including Saltwater. He performed with Matt Backer, who I think is very cute! After the performance, there was a quick on stage interview by an Australian radio personality, Keith Williams. There was thousands of people lining up to get there CD's signed. I was really happy for Julian!

To my surprise, my luck streak took another turn. Keith Williams said "Julian, there are two girls who you have to meet. They have been here all afternoon, and have been singing along all day. They must know every single word to every single song! Come on up and meet Julian, girls!"

I just about dropped dead!

I lead the way up on stage, closely followed by Sandy. I wasn't sure what to do, so I asked myself: what is the thing that I would want to do most? And I did it. I walked up to Jules, flung my arms around him, and gave him a huge hug! He, very affectionately, hugged back! He hugged Sandy, and put his arms around us while the media took about a hundred photos. I didn't mind, I was sitting on stage with Julian's arm around my waist! He remembered us, and told the audience how he had met us before and how we came back to his hotel. I love him so much! What a honey he is!

Anyway, he had to get on with the signing, so I became the very first. To my surprise, he remembered my name and even how to spell it! Most of my friends don't even know how to spell my name properly! He said "Is it with a C or a K? That's right, it's a K!" He signed a book on him of mine "To Karlie, With Love Again, Julian Lennon".

I still can't get over my luck! I have never had this much luck in my life! And it still wasn't over...