The Odeon
Cleveland, Ohio
July 24st, 1999

Photos and Report by Jenn! Part 2 of 2

Special Thanks to Jenn for writing up her report and for sharing her photos!
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Photograph Smile

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Julian being expresive with his handsNext he started into "Faithful," but before doing so said: "This one I have to dedicate to you guys for sticking with me throughout the years." He seemed truly grateful for his fans. I hope he never gets to the point where he doesn't care anymore....and with the way he acted, my bet would be that he never will. 

Before "Crucified" Julian talked about how it was dedicated to "a very good friend" of his that he felt "was a very good singer/songwriter." He said that whenever they got together to write they "would always have get many ideas" that they never finished one song. Then he said "To a late friend of mine and his name is Kevin Gilbert and it's called Crucified." Jules was REALLY dancing to this one! The audience was going absolutely CRAZY (very understandably!!!). It was as much fun to see as it's always been to hear!

 Julian Lennon

Julian was somber as he spoke about "Crucified," but while he was singing and dancing he seemed to just be enjoying himself. Like at other shows Jules said that the next song would be "on my next album...if I get my way." Right before he started "No One But You" he simply stated "there's only one person that can do it, and it's YOU." In my opinion, this is a VERY good song. It's slow and very sweet. He was singing from the heart and it showed. 

Julian carring the flowersJulian Lennon The applause after that was TREMENDOUS and he acknowledged it by saying "okay, it will definitely be on the next album," yet his eyes were shining, and he seemed a little quieter. Lisa turned to Heather and me and said "he looks sad!" and we agreed, so we decided to give him the flowers then. A man in front of us had to leave after two songs, so we were right up against the wall. We held the flowers up and sort of called to Jules and he walked right over to us. He took the flowers from us and sat down on a speaker at the edge of the stage right in front of us. He sat there with the microphone in one hand, and had the flowers in his lap with his other hand on them occasionally. I kept looking at him and (of course) I took a few pictures. During the musical interlude I stretched my arm out. He clasped my hand and we looked into each others eyes for a few brief seconds. (It was so different from when he shook my hand after sound check. It somehow felt really familiar and secure.) It was just so beautiful. As cheesy as it may sound, I feel like I really had a MOMENT with Julian, and it was wonderful. I will never forget that sweet smile or the way his eyes flashed and showed just how much he always seems to be thinking about. That is a memory that I will always cherish. After we let go of each other's hands other people stretched their arms out, and it was over, but I could still feel it. 

Julian Lennon at the end of the concert

For the very end of the song Jules stood up and slowly walked over to the drums. He gently laid the flowers down near them and moved towards the front of the stage again. I don't remember as much of what happened right after "Saltwater," but he went into "Make It Up To You," then (I think this is where it came in) "Valotte," then he did "Cold." Before "Photograph Smile" he said something along the lines of it coming from a relationship where all he had left of it really was a photograph of the girl waving. 

Julian Lennon at the end of the concert

Next Jules talked to us again for a bit. He said that next year he wants to do a tour "across the globe in every major city." (Now was he teasing us, or does he consider Cleveland a major city?) For that tour he said he wants an orchestra. It sounds great to me! Then he got somber again and was talking about "I Don't Wanna Know." A lot of what he said sounded exactly like what he's said before in interviews and such, but it was great to hear him say it and hear HOW he said it. I almost died at the end when he was getting into how the song was tongue-in-cheek and meant to sound Julian Lennon at the end of the concert Beatle-esque. He said that when "the same old critic" started saying how much he sounded like them that for the first time in his life and his career "You know what? You're right!" Well, that way he said that was amazing! It totally sounded just like he was humoring a little kid (which I guess isn't so far off with some critics) but it just sounded perfect and he was laughing about it. Everyone was enthusiastic and there was a lot of clapping along. 

Without much of a pause they started the 90s version of "Too Late For Goodbyes." Then he said "It's about that time...when I want to see if you remember the words." So he "segmented" us off you see what we could do. He did the other left side firsts and commented "Not bad at all." Then he did the right side (the side we were on). After our turn he said to us "You're louder......(other side) but you're more in tune," and we all sang along to end it. 

Very end of the concert Then (to my great dismay) everyone left the stage. He did come back for the encores then. Before "Good To Be Lonely" he mentioned how in the heat the guitars got out of tune very quickly. Next he did "Slippin' and Slidin'" saying he loved to sing it. The final encore was the remarkable "Stand By Me." Then he thanked us and waved once more before he left. 

Overall, one of the things that impressed me even more was that Jules kept the slow songs slow. The songs were all about the same speed and such as the recordings, and defiantly good quality! 

Almost from the last note, everyone who worked at the Odeon wanted us out of there! They kept telling us to leave if we didn't have a pass, so after I bought a poster I headed for the doors. I don't know how long we waited outside, but the Push Stars were around and after a bit the other members of Julian's band came out. (Meanwhile all of the equipment was being loaded up and we were directed as to which areas we had to keep clear.) I talked to Matt, and he was REALLY sweet! He signed my PS CD above where the musicians were listed. By the time Julian was about to leave, it looked like a receiving line after a wedding! We were very forcefully told to stay to one side or the other, so the result was two lines with a path down the middle. I stood on the side that we had been waiting on earlier, next to the car that Matt had just gotten into. When Jules came out, he wasn't alone! Three guards were with him. (With him!?! More like surrounding him) and they almost RAN him to the car. It was disappointing that he left so quickly, but once he was inside, he pressed the palm of his hand up against the tinted window, and as it started to pull away, he blew a kiss to everyone waiting. It was a lovely way to end such a special evening! I cannot wait to see him again!