My View of Julian Lennon
by Heather Goodpasture

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Julian Lennon, a man who must have a lot of pressure to live up to the expectations of being a legends son. Not only has he had to deal with his parents split and his fathers death, he has to live with the pressure of being known only as "John Lennon's son." Yes, he has made his mistakes in the past, but despite all this, he still remained down to Earth and produced some great music. Despite his uncanny resemblance to his father, both musically and in looks, he showed the music industry and his fans that Julian Lennon is a man in his own right. Life had been up against him, but he fought through it giving his fans such hits as "Saltwater" and "Because". I do not suppose that Julian could ever hope for the phenomenal success his father achieved and would not have wanted that. I think Julian just set out to prove to himself that he was something on his own. Thank you Julian. For by proving yourself to you, you have proved yourself to us. Thanks for years of good music.

That was written approx. a year ago, before the news of his new release. I realize that the grammar is not correct, but I feel I got my point across. If I recall correctly, I must have written this for something on the Internet, but regardless for what I wrote it for it expressed my opinions (some of which have changed)My main point was that in the long run, the major media's ambivalence didn't matter. Julian had something to do, and he set out and did it! ~ Heather Goodpasture... Sept 1998