The 'Howard Stern Show'

February 18th, 1999

Photograph Smile

This is page 1 of a 6 page transcription of the interview. The transcription was a combined effort between Diane and myself, we both transcribed it and then these pages were put together using the best of both transcriptions. I'd like to thank Diane for her hard work in this 'labor of love' and we both hope you enjoy the transcript. After hearing all the stories about Howard Stern I was impressed and surprised at how wonderful this interview actually turned out. Julian handle all the questions with dignity and grace and  Howard was truly impressed and liked Julian and it showed greatly. - CJ

Thursday, 18 February 1999 I got up at 5:30 am to make sure I didn't miss Julian on the Howard Stern Show... Promptly at 6am The Rock 106.9 Hartford turned their show over to Howard Stern....

Howard: Umm what's happening. Ah sh... It's cold in here but that's ok. I wouldn't change it yet cuz it will get hot very soon. Good morning everybody. It's Thursday and you know what that means. I don't know what that means but you know what that means. Ah Robyn with a new hair do oh look at that. What is that? What did you do with your hair? A little ah.. alright put those headphones in. It's an almost Beatle day today. Julian Lennon will be here today. 

Robyn: Almost Beatle?

Howard: He was almost a Beatle...

Robyn: Baby Beatle..

Howard: That's right.

Howard then proceeded to discuss his other guest who had, to put it kindly, an unique talent to determine what people have ate by smelling their gas... it turned out the guy was using that to get into the Stern show to plug his band. It wasn't until around 9am that Julian actually came on to plug 'Photograph Smile'.

Howard: You know, Julian Lennon will be in in a couple of seconds, his new album is called 'Photograph Smile' and it's coming out in February and ah.. got a beautiful new song on there that I was just listening to.. really beautiful yeah.... do a little 

Robyn: A little taste?

Howard: A little taste.. I've got to take a couple of phone calls and then we'll get him in here one second. Just stay with this.

'Day After Day' starts to play.

Howard over 'Day After Day': I think he banged Brooke Shields, I've got to ask him about that when he comes in. And Katie Wagner I think, I have a whole list 

Robyn: you got a list 

Jacky: wow pretty good

Howard: of chicks he banged, yeah. I like Julian a lot and I hate Yoko and I hate what Yoko and John have done to him, I particularly hate, you know I'm a huge fan of John's don't get me wrong but what

Robyn: He wasn't a great father.

Howard: Just listen to this part it's very good.

Chorus of 'Day After Day'

Howard still over 'Day After Day': Very nice. Got his father's voice, that's for sure, but that's about all he got from his father. It drives me crazy that he didn't care of his kid when he was young. It makes me insane. John just ignored him and.. And the mother and didn't set them up with some dough so they move into a neighborhood and all of a sudden everyone goes, 'Hey, there's John Lennon's kid.' Meanwhile he didn't have you know

Robyn: That's all he had... 

Howard: He didn't even know John Lennon.

Robyn: was his name.

Howard: John Lennon ignored him and Yoko could give him a bunch of money and set him up now and she doesn't. She's a very selfish woman I think. I've read about her. I don't like her, and I like Julian.

Robyn: Yeah, well, it was, you know, true to type for Yoko.

Howard: Yeah, well, I'll get into it with Julian. I don't want to be talking about it. I know a lot of people have been waiting on the phone a long time so let's pop through those phone calls.

Howard answers a few calls.

Howard: Julian Lennon has a new album coming out called 'Photograph Smile.' I haven't heard the whole album yet. I just got a hold of it. But I like the single... and please bring Julian in, I haven't seen him in awhile. He's doing alright for himself. I, now listen, I'm not saying anyone owes him anything, but if you're John Lennon's son 

Robyn: Well he did get some money.

Howard: John left 2 to 500 million dollars to Yoko but, (Julian enters) hey there, there he is, there's Julian. How ya doing man? You look good, believe me, you look good. I like this guy. Hey man, what's happening? Hey, Julian.

Julian: Hi guys.

Howard: You should be angrier than Pete Best the way you were treated. 

Julian: ooo

Howard: I have news for you, Pete Best had a better life. Imagine you hit the sperm - let me put it to my audience this way Julian. 

Julian: Sure

Howard: Imagine you hit the sperm lottery and your father is John Lennon.  

Robyn: Right. 

Julian: Yup

Howard: The sperm lottery! 

Julian: Yup

Howard: I mean, that's great. I hit some sperm lottery Ben Stern's son. But, I'm saying

Robyn: Well, this is some sperm lottery because your father actually makes it in rock 'n' roll.

Howard: Makes it in rock 'n' roll, a great man,  the whole thing, you know.  Think it's kind of cool, you know,  so okay, your parents get divorced, a lot of people get divorced. You understand that. But usually a guy's got 2 to 500 million dollars, a Beatle, says, 'You know what? It's the mother of my kid. It's my son. I'm not going to be home a lot. Let me set him up - Give him 5 mil' - something! - Wouldn't even know he lost 5 million - Drops dead by a terrible, you know, gun shooting. - Yoko! - Not even in the will says, 'You know what, I'm going to remember my son.' Not one bit of thought to his son! You must have been in psychotherapy for years. 

Julian: No.

Howard: Really? You should be. 

Julian: Thank you.

Howard: You've got to be holding onto a lot of anger. 

Julian: ah Not so much.

Howard: I would.

Julian: You know, there's a bit there but I'd rather get on with life than sit around and...

Howard: Really? Do you hate Asians as a result of what happened between you and Yoko?

Julian: I wouldn't say that, no. I would say that if, you know, if I did walk through the front door with an Asian girl to go and visit mum she'd probably drop dead of a heart attack.

Everyone laughs

Howard: Yeah. I hear your family doesn't even eat Chinese food. Is that true or false? 

Julian: That's not true. Stop it. No.

Howard: That's not true. Alright. That's a rumor.

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