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February 18th, 1999
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Julian: Yeah, and mum does say hello by the way.

Howard: Yes, please say hello to her. I've met your mother many times. Lovely woman. Ah, listen, listen, I know people get divorced. I understand that. I just have said that in retrospect, a father has to remember his child. Now, 

Julian: Yes

Howard: granted, John was off being a Beatle. Once in awhile you say to your son, 'Come on the road with me, let me visit you, let me go to your school play.' 

Robyn: especially when he's philosophizing and telling everybody else how to live their lives.

Howard: Well, telling you to call people up and tell perfect strangers that you love them. 

Robyn: Yeah! He can't call somebody he knows!

Howard: Give peace a chance. It seems hypocritical, doesn't it?

Julian: Very much so. Yeah, I don't agree that it was fair by any means, you know.

Howard: Not that Julian's had a bad life. I mean, the guy's had hit albums. He's managed to create a career for himself. 

Robyn: He had a wonderful mother who took care of him.

Howard: Yeah, all that. But, it makes you berserk. I don't even care if your father is just Joe Schmoe the garbage man, he should pay attention to you.

Julian: Yeah, I agree.

Robyn: Did you ever hear from him?

Julian: Well yeah, I mean, I saw him a handful of times 

Howard: Literally.

Julian: after he walked out the door, you know, so...

Howard: Was it rough growing up when like kids would say to you, 'Hey, you're John Lennon's son' then, meanwhile, you're like hey, 'I don't even feel like I'm his son.'

Julian: Well, yeah. Absolutely. I mean, there would be many times in the past especially in the small towns where I lived which, you know, people obviously thought that I was rich, you know. 

Howard: Yeah, yeah!

Julian: And there would be... you know, I learned to either be a great diplomat or run very fast.

Howard: Well, the perception is that you grew up this rich kid. 

Julian: Absolutely.

Howard: Meanwhile, you were a waiter right? Didn't you do a whole bunch of sort of menial tasks?

Julian: Yeah, yeah, I did a couple of jobs.

Howard: Yeah, you did and all of a sudden you're John Lennon's son. You're like, 'What am I doing?' And the meanwhile

Robyn: I mean, this is a legitimate son. It wasn't like he was some, you know, groupie girl's son.

Howard: Yeah, the love child or something, yeah, and the thing is, Sean Lennon  

Robyn: Living in the lap of luxury.

Howard: living in the Dakota. I tell you something. I might take out the, I might take out my automatic weapons.

Robyn: It really is so bad. You know what? It really is so bad because all of a sudden 'John's SUCH a good father. He gives up music so he can spend all his time with the kid.'

Howard: Well, it's like Imus with his new kid. The four kids he had he didn't pay attention to now he's got a new baby: 'Well, I love this baby.' I mean, please.

Julian: Yeah, but I don't hold it against Sean. You know, 

Robyn: It's not Sean's fault, no.

Julian: Sean's in the middle of it all.

Howard: No, I don't blame Sean. I'm just saying it's got to anger you that like okay, so John's got his new family and everything so you're making out a will, right? He made a will. You're making out a will, you say, 'You know what? 

Robyn: I have two sons.

Howard: I never was there for Julian. I never was even there for Cynthia. I don't hate them, it's just, you know, let's spread the love around. I'm going to leave them 50-60 million so that their lives are taken care because going around being John Lennon's son  people expect you to be rich. 

Robyn: It's got to be tough. It's got to be tough.

Howard: Sean Lennon's never going to work. You hear that crap album that kid put out? (Julian laughs) Did you listen to it?

Julian: I have heard it, yes.

Howard: What did you think? It's garbage. 

Julian: Ah

Howard: At least you got the music talent. 

Julian: Thank you.

Howard: For God sake. 

Julian: I'll leave it at that.

Howard: Did you actually sit.. What did you do? You heard Sean was coming out with a record, what did you do? Did you run home? 

Julian: No, I this was, this

Howard: You probably got an advance copy.

Julian: No, I didn't. 

Howard: Right.

Julian: This was actually a surprise because I hadn't been on the scene for at least 6 to 7 years.

Howard: Yeah, what happened to you? Where you been?

Julian: Well, I just got ticked off with the business and fed up with the people I was working with and

Howard: Why?

Julian: Because there was no support from the record company or management and there was too many broken promises, you know. 

Howard: Really?

Julian: Yeah. Absolutely.

Howard: You had a couple of hit albums and it looked like things were going good.

Julian: Yeah, I mean, but that was through a lot of hard work on my behalf, you know. 

Howard: Right.

Julian: And I was just it was time to get out. And I was just frustrated and I wasn't hitting the goals and doing what I wanted, you know.

Howard: So what did you do for 6 years? Just hang? 

Julian: Yeah. I hanged.

Howard: Oh, I want to hang.

Julian: Yeah. Yeah. It was great. I mean, it was a difficult decision to come back into this, but, you know, I mean, it took me five years to get released from all of those contracts so legally, you know, I couldn't have really done anything anyway without them owning it, you know, so it was just a question of laying low, resolving problems I thought I had on a personal and professional front.

Howard: What kind of problems? I'll help you with them. C'mon. Let me help you out, buddy.

Julian: Like being 'the son of John,' you know.

Howard: Right, and Yoko having all the money. Hey you were, you got some dough out of that witch but it wasn't that much, was it? 

Julian: Yeah, well

Robyn: What did you have to do? She put you through a lot.

Howard: He had to kiss her ass. That's what he had to do!

Robyn: You had to prove yourself to her.

Howard: What was it? Like, to HER! A heroin addict! (laughter from both Robyn and Julian) Ex-heroin addict, I don't know if she's still on the juice, but I don't know. But didn't they do some heroin or something? (Both Robyn and Julian: Yeah, they did, they did.) What in the hell was that about? Alright, wait a second. You're telling me, I remember reading like you had to like say 'she's great,' you had to apologize her, so you had to suck her - her butt for awhile, right? 

Julian: Yeah, that's the truth. 

(explicative from Howard)

Robyn: Well, you know, you've made a very good point, Howard, because she had her drug problems, you know, you know 

Howard: Julian had his.

Robyn: Julian had a couple of problems.

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