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February 18th, 1999
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Julian: It's like when the typical non-smokers 

Howard: Right and Yoko's telling you

Julian: just giving up smoking and now you know 

Robyn: Right self righteous all of a sudden.

Howard: and Yoko's like, 'If Julian doesn't give up his drug problem I'm not going to give him any money.' You know what, 

Robyn:'ve got to prove to me you're straight.

Howard: 'Hey, I'm a God damn adult, let me worry about my drug problems.' You couldn't pay me to listen to her music - or the kid's music. I swear to God. 

Robyn: She doesn't have enough money to get you to listen to her.

Howard: And I'll tell you something, they said to me from the record company, 'Sean wants to come in and do the show but you're gonna be nice about the record.' I listened to it. I said, 'I'm not going to be nice about it. It's not good.' I can't sit there and lie.

Julian: I've got to say that I heard some of his earlier demos 

Howard: Yeah

Julian: which weren't influenced by anybody out you know, like his mother etc or anybody around him and they were actually really good.

Howard: Really?

Julian: I just felt that whatever happened with the album there was heavy influence from 

Howard: From mommy.

Julian: from mum and a lot of people.

Howard: So, what happened? How did you finally get the dough from Yoko? What did you have to do? I mean.

Julian: Well, I mean basically, you know, it wasn't an easy situation. And, as I've said in many other interviews, the actual cash that came up front was actually, well, you know, I've had better record deal offers. 

Howard: Right.

Julian: But, the one thing I did establish was getting some of the rights to his, the copyrights to some of his work. 

Howard: Thank God.

Julian: Which, at least I can put that in a trust and, you know, keep it for my kids 

Howard: Right, no kidding.

Julian: and the rest of his family. I mean, he's got so much family in England.

Howard: How did you manage to get copyrights to some of his music? Yoko gave them up?

Julian: Yeah, just about, it was a hard fight, but yeah. 

Howard: Oh, my God.

Julian: Yeah. It was a tough one. 

Howard: It makes me coo coo.

Robyn: Meanwhile she's selling anything he touched.

Howard: Yeah, that's the other thing I don't get with her. Why bastardize his name? The guy was a great artist, we'll all give him that. Maybe not a great father but a great artist. 

Julian: Yeah, no, very true.

Howard: Why neckties and mugs and?

Julian: You got me there, you know. These are the things that I would receive for birthday and Christmas would be, you know, her electric blue silk ties with his drawings on them, mugs and

Howard: Instead of getting money or any kind of thing from John, she would send you that crap she'd put out.

Julian: There was a little money too but, I mean, 

Howard: Right

Julian: when I saw these things I was just horrified at it, 

Howard: Oh, of course.

Julian: you know. 

Howard: I was horrified. I'm not even related. I'm just a fan. I mean, I was horrified.

Julian: Well, I mean, the most ironic thing is that, you know, with the stuff that I am trying to buy back, that was not only Beatles stuff but his stuff too, you know, for my family.

Howard: Right. What kind of stuff are you trying to buy back?

Julian: Well, some of his personal stuff that I remember, you know.

Howard: Because it's the only way you can connect with your father.

Julian: To a degree. But not so much for me but mainly for my kids and his family in England that's just been left behind, you know, that have nothing of him or his or whatsoever, you know.

Howard: I can not figure out why John Lennon, at some point, didn't make provisions for his child?

Julian: Well, you know, there was you know, I feel there was a lot of manipulation going on, absolutely, you know. 

Robyn: Right, didn't she?

Julian: He was not of clear mind and body, that's for sure. 

Howard: Yeah.

Robyn: Right, but didn't Yoko also have a kid that she sort of 

Julian: Yeah she.

Robyn: disappeared from?

Julian: Yeah. There was a daughter of hers that she had from a previous relationship.

Howard: That kid probably got more money than Julian. 

Robyn: I don't think so. No. 

Julian: No, none at all actually.

Howard: I find Yoko to be very stingy, quite frankly.

Robyn: That's Yoko. She just goes. 

Howard: I read somewhere where she

Robyn: You know, old family out. New family in. 

Howard: where she'll buy a bunch of clothing for herself and take it and throw it out and buy new clothes something like that I was reading, I said

Robyn: Right. Trunks full of unused things that were never opened.

Howard: Yeah, I just hate hypocrisy when people talk about loving the world and giving peace to the world and then they're busy making mugs out of John Lennon's memory and they're not giving money to his kid. Yoko Ono should say, 'John was out of his mind. Should have made provisions for Julian. I'm gonna make things right. Here's 25 million. 25 million that's a, she wouldn't even know it was missing. 

Julian: No, she probably wouldn't.

Howard: She would not know. And, why I say the money is because that's the only thing left from his father's legacy. And, not only that, he's John Lennon's son, why shouldn't he participate in that money. Yoko's participating! I mean, clearly.

Julian: And continues to by selling off his name in, 

Howard: Right

Julian: you know, in the likes of ties and mugs.

Howard: It makes me nuts. Not that you had a bad life 

Julian: Yeah, it's not like she hasn't got enough, you know.

Howard: Right. It's just aggravating. 

Julian: Yeah, it is.

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