The 'Howard Stern Show'

February 18th, 1999
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Howard: Ah man. So, what was this I was reading? So, while you were hot, you always had hot girlfriends. I didn't know this. 

Robyn: Oh, yes you did.

Howard: Yeah, well, alright. I was working into it. 

Julian: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Howard: Brooke Shields? 

Julian: Yeah.

Howard: How do you get her? How do you get a broad like that? Where do you meet a girl like that? Tell us. 

Julian: Uh 

Howard: At least the Lennon name is good for something, right? 

Julian: Thanks very much. 

Robyn: Don't you think he can get them on his own?

Howard: C'mon, it gets you the entrée. 

Julian: Hey, you've got to have a personality behind it thank you very much!)

Howard: No, I know. But you got the entrée into the, you know what I'm saying? 

Julian: No it's not that.

Howard: Doesn't it get you the entrée? 

Jacky: Foot in the door!

Julian: Well, with some of the reports and reputations I had in the media, you know, was not, I was not the best person to be lined up with!

Howard: I'm saying, I'm saying it's hard for a guy to meet Brooke Shields. You've got the Lennon name, it kind of gets you in the door.

Julian: I was fortunate, you know. She was very sweet.

Robyn: When did he meet Brooke?

Howard: How long ago was this? You got her when she was good looking, right? (laughter)

Julian: She still looks good.

Howard: Yeah, she looks fine.

Robyn: How old was she?

Howard: Were you in love with her? 

Julian: Yeah, very much so.

Howard: Really? 

Julian: Yeah.

Howard: Oh, I don't know - don't see that - I don't see you two as a couple.

Julian: Yeah, well, I mean the thing, the thing that split us up was the distance between us because she lived in New York and I was out in L.A. at the time.

Howard: How long were you going out with her?

Julian: It was a couple of months.

Howard: No kidding. Good in the sack? 

Julian: I'm not telling you anything.

Howard: Oh, I see. You'll tell me off the air for God's sakes. 

Julian: No, I will not! 

Howard: I heard she dumped you for Zac Starkey, is that true?  (lots of laughter) 

Julian: That's very funny!

Robyn: Oh stop it, All the Beatle children?

Howard: Wait a second here, I've got a list of some of the girls you were with. Let me take a look at this list. Hold on. - Here's one I would love to have sex with, that you had as a girlfriend. 

Julian: Yeah, go on.

Howard: Alright. Olivia D'Abo. I don't know how to say her name but she was on the Wonder Years.

Robyn: Olivia D'Abo

Howard: Olivia D'Abo the one on the Wonder Years who played the 

Robyn: The daughter,  the hippie daughter.

Julian: Yeah. She was wonderful. She still is. She's beautiful. 

Howard: I bet.

Julian: I mean, I thought I was going to settle down with her, I really did.

Howard: No kidding. How did you meet a girl like that?

Julian: Ah I actually, this is a strange one, I actually met her through her cousin Miriam D'Abo, who was one of the Bond girls,  

Howard: No kidding

Julian: and she was at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in L.A. and she was looking miserable in a lift one night and I said, 'Do you fancy a cup of tea?' 

Howard: Oh, really?

Julian: And she invited me over for a cup of tea. And then several years later invited me, found my number and invited me to a party where she was sharing a house with Olivia and

Howard: No wonder you didn't have time to work. Look at what you were busy with and then you went over there and you saw Olivia, who was quite beautiful. And she was on the Wonder Years at that point?

Julian: Yeah, she was, yeah.

Howard: And you started rapping to her. You must have a good rap.   Write a little song for these chicks?

Julian: Well, not quite. Not initially.

Howard: How long does it take to get into the sack with a chick like that? 

Julian: Will you stop it?!

Howard: C'mon. Be honest with me. 

Julian: No, I'm not going there.

Howard: Take you two or three times or right away you're making out on the bed? 

Julian: I'm not going there. I'm not going there.

Howard: Could you have gotten them both, Miriam and Olivia?

Julian: No, I wouldn't see that happening.

Howard: Hey, money schmoney, he's having fun.

Julian: But, one can dream.

Howard: No kidding. Now let me see who else you got on this list. I'm thinking about that. Oh, here's another broad I'd like. 

Julian: Go on.

Howard: Do you date any ugly broads? Look at this, Kylie Minogue.

Julian: Nope. Never went out with her. 

Howard: Never?

Julian: No. No.

Howard: Oh, here's one I really want. 

Robyn: What do you have?

Howard: Here's one I want. 

Julian: Go on.

Howard: Alright, so I was wrong about Kylie Minogue. Never had her? 

Julian: No.

Howard: Now wait a minute, Katie Wagner.

Julian: No. Never went there. 

Howard: No?

Julian: No, she was a great friend but no we didn't take 

Howard: Wouldn't let you in her pants?

Julian:  No, It wasn't 

Howard: Surprised you couldn't get that deal done?

Julian: Will you stop it?! That wasn't a point. It was a mute point. 

Robyn: Little more money 

Howard: Yeah. Yoko could have been a little generous.

Julian: Will you stop it? She was a very sweet friend but, no, we didn't take that any further.

Howard: And, oh, so now you're in a serious relationship, huh? That's too bad. 

Robyn: That's too bad.  

Julian: That's not too bad!  

Robyn: He feels sorry for you. 

Howard:  I'm just kidding. 

Julian: If you're listening, good morning, Lucy.

Howard: Lucy, huh? 

Julian: Yeah.

 Howard: And where did you meet this babe? England? 

Julian: No.

Howard: Where?

Julian: In the ah  I'd actually seen her for 4 years in a row. 

Howard: Where? At modeling shows?

Julian: No, no, no. Actually on holiday in the Caribbean. So, every Christmas I would see her and finally we met last year. We met up and it's been over a year now so 

Howard: No kidding

Julian: I'm a happy camper.

Howard: You're not going to get married though, are you? 

Julian: Who knows.

Howard: I don't see you as the marriage type. 

Julian: Will you stop it? (laughter) I like the idea very much.

Howard: Alright. So then you decided to get back into the music business and now you've written this new album. Did it take you like a couple of years to write?

Julian: Well, I didn't actually - when I started writing again it wasn't for an album. 

Howard: Right

Julian: It was just to challenge myself, see how good I could be as a writer, 

Howard: Right

Julian:  prove my own self-worth, so to speak.

Howard: What is that, a wedding ring on your finger? 

Julian: No, wrong hand.

Howard: Oh, okay.What is it a friendship ring or something?

Julian: It's just a ring I bought in New York many years ago.

Howard: It looks like a wedding ring. You shouldn't wear that. You're not going to meet new chicks.

Julian: No. No. It's the wrong hand and I don't want to anyway.

Howard: You stole it from Yoko, didn't you? Tell the truth. You went up to the apartment and you took it.

Julian: I got the change off the side table and then