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February 18th, 1999
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Photograph Smile

Howard: So - what? Let's backtrack for a second from the album. So you went up to Yoko and said finally, 'Listen, I'm off drugs. Now give me some God damn money.' Did you have to go up to her apartment and kiss her ass or did you do it through lawyers?

Julian: No. It was very much through lawyers. 

Howard: It was.

Julian: Yeah, yeah.

Robyn: But there were a couple of meetings, weren't there?

Julian:  Uh yeah, but she 

Howard: Unpleasant.

Julian:  was always the one that was calling the shots, you know. It was always coming up to her place and sitting in front of her.

Howard: I think she likes the power over you. 

Julian: Oh, of course.

Howard: Like the punishment. 

Julian: Of course.

Howard: 'I'm going to punish you'. 

Julian: Of course.

Howard: Um Do you talk civilly to each other or did it always break into an argument? 

Julian: No, it was relatively civil.

Howard: Yeah, because you don't hold any of the cards. She's got all the dough legally. 

Julian: Absolutely.

Howard: But she finally relinquished? 

Julian: Finally.

Robyn: Let me ask something. Does she ever like greet you with a hug or?)  

Howard: Yeah. God, that makes me nuts. 

Julian: Yeah.

Howard: Oh, I'm sure. She's big on that. That's all lip service. 

Robyn: Alright, I want to know what it's like.

Howard imitating Yoko: Hug don't cost money. Hug no money. 

Robyn imitating Yoko: Here, take hug.

Howard: Take hug, no money. I give you lots of hug, lots of luck, Beatle son.

Julian: Oh, yeah, thanks. Well as far as the media was concerned she always wanted it to be seen that we were all one big happy family.

Howard: Yeah well see, that's why I never bought into her. Because, as I said, the hypocrisy - I don't care what you say about the world and how much you love the world and that we should call each other on the phone and say how much we love each other. Here's a perfect opportunity to straighten out a young kid's life who's confused about his father and it cost her nothing. She wouldn't even know 10 million was missing.

Robyn: So, you don't visit on holidays? 

Howard: Please!

Julian: Well, I haven't of late.

Howard: He calls Sean. Sean doesn't return his calls. 

Robyn: Really?

Howard: Am I right or am I wrong? 

Julian: Sometimes.

Howard: Yeah. Ridiculous.

Jacky: What's she got against him? I don't understand.

Howard: Because he represents first of all she's not a generous woman. He also represents a part of John's life that she wasn't a part of.

Julian: That she'd like to wipe off the face of the earth. 

Howard: Right.

Robyn: She doesn't control that part of his life. 

Julian Oh, no

Robyn: She's in control of everything else.

Julian: You look at all the documentaries that have been done about the Beatles that she obviously has the rights to dad's footage and name and music.

Howard: I don't see your name mentioned in those. 

Julian: No, you don't see mom or me. 

Robyn: Right. They don't exist.

Julian: As far as she wants the media to see everything as, it's that Yoko and Sean are the Lennon family, you know. I mean, truly, Cynthia, my mum, and I are a thorn in her side and do. She just doesn't want us to be seen as part of the family.

Howard: If you were divorced and you had kids wouldn't you sit down with your wife and say; 'Listen, maybe we're at odds, but let's leave something for the kids.'

Robyn: I would have done that just when I was leaving. 

Howard: Right.

Robyn: It wouldn't have been about dying and leaving something. 

Howard: Right.

Robyn: It would have been about being taken care of while you're living.

Howard: The thing's a mess and Julian's got to live with that. That's what I don't like about it. I don't think it's right.

Julian: Well, the problem is there's no resolve.

Howard: There really isn't. So, how much dough did you get up getting? Did you end up getting like at least, I think you should have got 20 million. 

Julian: No. Not even close. 

Robyn: It wasn't even near that. It wasn't even a million, was it?

Howard: Nothing close? Five million? 

Julian: No.

Howard: Not even a million? 

Julian: Well, I can't say.

Howard: Alright, a little over a million. I'm there with you. 

Julian: Yeah.

Howard: Damn. Take a couple of phone calls then we'll -  I like your new single by the way. 

Julian: Thank you.

Howard: I'll play a little more of it. Greg. You're on the air.

Greg: Hey Howard. How are you doing? 

Howard: Good.

Greg: I'll turn down my radio real quick. I was just wondering is it possible, if you guys have a guitar down there, could Julian maybe play a song of his choice?

Howard: I don't know if he's prepared. You weren't prepared for anything like that, were you? 

Julian: I certainly wasn't.

Howard: Do you want to do anything like that? 

Julian: Not particularly.

Howard: He doesn't want to do that. 

Julian: It's a little early for me for that.

Howard: He's a little shook up from the Yoko conversation and the Brooke Shields conversation.

Greg: Can't say that I blame him.

Howard: It's like being on the firing line. Let's see - Pete.

Pete: All hail, the king. Hey Julian, do you ever get into fights with Sean? Is he like a real?

Howard: He doesn't know him hardly. He doesn't hate him.

Julian: Listen, Sean's a good kid. I love him a lot. Always have done. You know, I used to baby-sit him for Christ's sake. 

Howard: Is that right?

Julian: Yeah. Absolutely.  

Howard: Oh, I didn't know that.

Julian: Absolutely. I used to look after him while

Pete: He doesn't snub you off or anything like 'I have the money' or anything?

Julian: No, I think, you know, Sean has a good understanding of what this situation is and actually 

Robyn: You think things will be rectified when he's?

Julian: actually - well, I think he's embarrassed himself about how things have been handled.

Howard: Maybe he'll rectify it when Yoko kicks hopefully soon. 

Robyn: Yeah when he's in charge of things.

Howard: You see, if Yoko kicks, then all the money goes to Sean.  

Robyn: Yeah right.

Howard: That makes me coo coo. What? Sean's more of John's son than Julian is?   

Robyn: No

Pete: He should at least give up some to you.

Howard: Well, hey, about Yoko leaves a will that says: 'I'm leaving half of it to my son and half of it to Julian.' How about that? What? Is that so insane?

Pete: I doubt she'd do that she'd

Robyn: Well, like I said Yoko has a kid of her own that she's forgotten.

Julian: Or a lot of it  - Or a lot of it would go to charity or something.

Howard: No screw charity. You. 

Julian: Well no.

Howard: You'll give it to charity, 

Julian: Yeah.

Howard: that's all. Let you be in control.

Julian: She's probably see it rather go to charity than to me.

Howard: Exactly. She's got a bug up her ass about you. Yes, John, go ahead. 

John: Hi Howard

Howard: We're on with Julian Lennon. By the way, the new album is called Photograph Smile.

Robyn: You know what I don't understand? Why he had no - why didn't Cynthia fight for

Julian: Because she was not that kind of person, you know, she was just a very grounded loving person that just wanted to make sure there was enough money for me to go through school and enough food and clothes.

Robyn: And then when he died was there no way to contest the will?

Julian: No, not at all. That was one of the regulations in the will was that, you know

Howard: If you contested it you get nothing.

Julian: Absolutely. And it was under Yoko's discretion. So, you know, 

Howard: Wow, wow

Julian: and who knows what would have been the end result anyway in the courts, you know. You don't truly know. And I certainly didn't have the finances to back a five, ten year court case.

Howard: You know what kills me? If you listen to John Lennon's solo work he was pissed at his father for abandonment 

Robyn: Right 

Howard: and why didn't he learn from it? 

Julian: I don't know

Howard: It's weird.

Julian: That's the one thing even in my - in my way of sort of understanding and understanding the situation and why he did what he did. You know, throughout the years I would've thought that at least at some point he would of clicked.

Howard: Right and said: 'Wait, I'm doing the same thing.' 

Robyn: Right. But he got killed. 

Julian: Yeah. No. Exactly.

Howard: I think as he got older he might have reestablished the relationship. 

Julian: Yeah

Howard: I'm sure he would have been thrilled with your success and everything but it's a little too late by then.

Julian: Yeah, absolutely.

Howard: Yeah, anyway, what did you want to say, John?