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February 18th, 1999
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Photograph Smile

John (Caller): Yeah, hi. I was wondering, about the time of John's death, I was a Rolling Stone subscriber. The issue right before his death had an article in there about him and Yoko being at odds and there was some mention to what was it May Pang 

Howard: Yeah, right, we know May.

John: and she was trying to set him up with her. 

Howard: So, what's your point? 

John: I wonder if Julian ever suspected that maybe there was some conspiracy in his death. I'm not a big advocate of 

Howard: Na, what are you saying? Yoko had him killed or something?

John:  Yeah, I wonder if there is a possibility.

Howard: We're looking into it, but I don't think so. I think that's gone a little too far.

John: Love your music, Julian. 

Julian: Thank you very much.

John: Take care.

Howard: Thank you. Julian, you might want to look into that. You never know. If you can prove that

Julian: I think I'll stay well away from all that.

Howard: Sounds like Richard Bowzer on the phone. Larry, go ahead.

Larry: Yeah, Howard. I listened to Julian last night on David Letterman. The guy was really good. It's really a pleasant surprise.

Howard: Julian's a very good artist. I really like the song. Let me play a little bit of the song, okay? Alright. (starts playing 'Day After Day' which continues playing during the interview) Your music is Beatlesque. It's almost like, you know how they accuse Oasis of being Beatlesque, but you do very much have your father's voice. 

Julian: To a degree.

Howard: You do. This song makes you very sad. (chorus of 'Day After Day' no one talks) Sean must listen to this and go nuts because he doesn't have the talent.

Robyn: Well, I'm sure Yoko wouldn't like this.

Howard: Oh yeah, Oh yeah

Robyn: It's actually melodic 

Howard: Yeah right

Robyn: and you can sing to it.

Howard: Yoko must go nuts. This is why Yoko hates you, because you can sing. I'm telling you man.

Robyn: It's not bird calls.

Howard imitating Yoko: Why he get talent? Why not Sean? 

Robyn imitating Yoko: Screw him.

Howard: Screw him. It's a pretty song. I think this song has something to do - I think this song has something to do with the whole dad thing, you know what I mean. I don't know why, maybe I'm reading into it.

Julian: No, I mean, it's about - it was written about a soldier in the war who the only thing that kept him going was the hope that one day he'd get back to his family and his friends and his loved ones you know, his belief. And that relates to me in the fact that I'm away from home so much, you know, 'ither on promo tours or

Howard: Na, I think you're away from your real home which was your father's loving arms. 

Julian: Yeah right.

Howard: That's what this song is about. You don't know understand what this is about. I do. 

Julian: Yeah right - Yeah I wish.

Howard: Nice music. So ah you hear anything from 

Robyn: Do any of those other Beatles ever do anything for you? 

Howard: Funny you say that. 

Robyn: They've got more money than God. 

Howard: Did you ever hear from Paul?

Julian: Yeah, I do from time to time.

Howard: He could - Paul's cheap too. He could fork over a little cash.

Julian: Actually, Na, Paul's OK. You know, actually, the thing that broke the ice between Paul and I was at the beginning of last year we met up unfortunately before Linda passed away and you know, there was always a wall up to a certain degree because it's got to be difficult for him and, you know, I've always respected him. But the thing that broke the ice between us was him relating some stories about Yoko to me. (laughter)

Howard: There's one common bond. 

Julian: Yeah!

Howard: The two of you can hate her together. 

Robyn: They got together over Yoko

Howard: You can all hate Yoko. What about Elton John? Does he ever acknowledge you? I know that he was sort of in your corner.

Julian: I bumped into him a couple of times over the years but that's it. He's always been a nice guy you know. That's about it, though.

Howard: And George you never hear from, right?

Julian: George yeah, I do bump into him once in awhile.

Howard: Where do you bump into a guy like George? I thought he was like a recluse. How can you bump into him?

Julian: Well, you do, you do.

Howard: You do, really? Why am I not in those circles where I bump into anybody? 

Robyn: You bump into no one. 

Julian: I don't know.

Howard: I bump into Regis. (laughter) I really do.

Robyn: Everybody bumps into Regis, though. 

Howard: I guess.

Julian: I bumped into him at a hotel in L.A. last time I was out there.

Robyn: How's he doing?

Julian: He's good. He's good. ('Day After Day' ends)

Howard: I would think he'd put his arm around him and say, 'Hey, c'mon, Let me be a pal to you. I knew you when you were a little kid and you lost your dad.'

Julian: Listen, you know, Paul and George especially, I mean, more so than Ringo, have - have  always kept an ear and an eye out for me. 

Howard: Don't you sort of like, I mean,

Julian: They're like extended family, 

Robyn: I mean, Paul wrote "Hey Jude."

Julian: they're like uncles.

Howard: Big deal, he wrote a song. This kid - I would guess - I mean this isn't Julian's hand, but you ache for your father's love, I'm sure. I'm sure there are nights you lay down and say: 'I only wish I could have known him.' 

Julian: Probably, yeah. 

Howard: Yeah. So, you know George could like, you know, say: 'Hey, c'mon. Let's spend a couple of days talking about the old days and what went on.' Cause he's got to get to know his father. (start hearing 'Cold' playing in the background)

Julian: Yeah, I do and I don't. I mean, there's a wall up about that. It's like, 'Why should I bother, you know, he didn't.'

Howard: Yeah, I don't know.

Robyn: George was sick, so I just wondered how he was.

Howard: He's fine. Healthier than me, believe me.

Julian: Well we can only hope that he's ok.

Howard: What did he have? Cancer or something? 

Julian: Yeah.

Howard:  Is he better?

Julian: Well, I hope so. I hope so.

Howard: Where was his cancer? 

Robyn: In his throat, wasn't it? 

Julian: I think his throat, yeah.

Howard: Oh, man. Ringo we had on a couple of weeks ago, months ago, I don't know. 

Julian: He's a character.

Howard: He is. Seems  like a pretty good guy. You don't want to talk to him. (laughter) Alright 

Robyn: He's certainly no father figure.

Howard: He's no father figure that's what I'm saying. Alright, anyway, listen, Julian's album is called Photograph Smile. Now it's going to be out February 23rd. Did you cut a video for MTV? 

Julian: Yeah.

Howard: Yeah, they were always been supportive of you.

Julian: Yeah, they've been pretty good. They've always been pretty good, yeah.

Howard: The record's coming out on Fuel 2000 Records. Was is it one of those?

Julian: Well, it's actually in combination with Universal distribution and my own label in England, so it's a combined effort.

Howard: Well, it's always good having you here. You're a great guest and I wish you a lot of luck. Come back and see us again. 

Julian: Thank you. I like it here.

Howard: Maybe one time you'll come in and perform for us. 

Julian: I will - I will gladly do that.

Howard: We'll play with you. You don't even need to bring a band. Julian Ok I play keyboards, Jacky plays bass and Fred, I don't - Fred, plays guitar. 

Julian: Hey anytime Howard.

Howard: and you've got Scott the bald engineer. He'll get 

Scott: And don't forget there's a trumpet player.

Howard: And, of course, you've got trumpets if you need it with a Baba Booie. Great seeing you Julian.

Julian: Thank you very much.

Howard: Julian Lennon everybody. Photograph Smile February 23rd ('Cold' still playing)