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Photograph Smile

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Julian LennonSWF3.online Special on Monday (18 May):
The Germany premiere of Julian Lennon in Mainz starting from approx. 21 o'clock was transferred live on the Internet and comes today (around 19 o'clock) into SWF3-Aexx!

SWF3.online thanks NACAMAR for technical support

These pieces were played:
How Many Times
And She Cries
I Should Have Known
Good to Lonely
Photograph Smile
I Don't Wanna Know
Day after Day
Stand By Me

The Germany premiere
Julian Lennon: Photograph Smile

That is his new album. And he presents it live with SWF3.online. Julian Lennon has found his mental equilibrium again. After his early success in 1984 with " Too Late For Goodbyes ", John's son lost some years and was more busy with himself and his drug problems than with pop music. On May 18th after a seven year break appears the comeback album " Photograph Smile " (Rough trade 102,3483,2, 64:35) with 14 new Songs.
Already the first published single " Day after Day " reveals that Julian is himself with his fate, which is to be the compensated son of the murdered ex-Beatle there is this realization also in his music, he writes the text: "It's true, daddy's work is never done " . The Songs on the new album sounds much like the Beatles. There are familiar harmonies to be heard in the Ballad " Believe " and the pop song" How Many Times ". Competently supported in the studio by professionals such as Simon Edward (Fairground Attraction) or Manny Elias (Tears For Fears), Julian Lennon finally starts to show with his fifth album " Photograph Smile," the musical inheritance of his father.

" Valotte " (1984)
" The Secret Value of Daydreaming " (1986)
" Mr. Jordan " (1989)
" Help Yourself " (1991)