Julian Lennon on 
"Hey, Hey It's Saturday"

Channel 9 Australia ~ 10 October 1998

Special Thanks to Joanna for this contribution!

Photograph Smile


Julian was on the above show this evening.

He opened the show with "I Don't Wanna Know" - live vocals, but I think it was a backing track. He then had a chat with the show's host, who informed the audience that Chris Isaac was unable to make it that evening, so Julian was going to do another number later!

Julian appeared an hour or so later (it's a 2 hour show) as one of the three judges for a 'talent' segment. The guy who won managed to balance a bowling ball on a sledgehammer on his chin...

He closed the show by singing "Day After Day" - again live vocals, because he missed the first two words of the song! It was announced the CD is being released on Monday (about time!)