"The Midday Show" with Kerri Anne

Channel 9 Australia - 14 October 1998

Part 1 of a 2 part Interview...
Special Thanks to Sandy for all her hard work on the transcript!

Photograph Smile

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Imagine being the son of John Lennon and also wanting to be a singer/songwriter. It would have to be tough. Yet he launched his own recording career in 1984 with the international hit 'Too Late For Goodbyes' released four albums selling more than 5 million copies then disappeared from the media for the next seven years. Now we'll find out what he's been up to in just a moment. But, gee we're thrilled to have him performing live on midday, this is a terrific new single its called 'I Don't Wanna Know' . Here's the album up there , the album's called 'Photograph Smile'. Welcome to midday JULIAN LENNON!

Julian sings 'I Don't Wanna Know'
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Welcome back to Midday. Now we've just been listening to Julian Lennon performing his new single it's called 'I Don't Wanna Know' it's from the new album - there it is on your screen- called 'Photograph Smile'. How catchy is that song!? Please welcome Julian Lennon.

*Jules peaks his head around the corner, then proceeds to walk to the interview chair, shakes hands with Kerri-Anne kissing her either cheek (heehee) then bow's to the audience (which is screaming)*

*Cut to close up of three of Jules' supporters - Sandy, Karlie & Virginia. They wave, cameras then cut to Jules who is waving back.*

Kerri-Anne: They LURVE you!

Jules: I like it here. *smiles*

Kerri: That's pretty easy to take.

Jules: That's great! Thank you..thank you very much. (in the sincerest possible way)

*Someone calls out from the back 'You're welcome'. Julian turns and giggles.*

Kerri: *pointing to the audience* And didn't you love the song.

*Audience claps and screams*

Jules: Thank You

Kerri: And Julian, I really do mean it, it's a great song- it's a catchy song. I was interested. on the single here this is what you have written "This is probably the song that a lot of Beatles fans have been waiting for me to do." Did you feel as though you had finally relented?

Jules: Well after I . it was a last minute decision to put this on the album. And it was only after I had felt I proved my own worth to myself, that I decided to delve into that. And, there had been so many occasions when I've been asked to cover Beatles songs and I said I'm not going to do that. coz how can I forge a path forward if you want me to replace someone else- which is not gonna happen. And so I decided just to. more sort of tongue in cheek mid-sixties-Beatle-esque version similar to what they would do, and just wait for the reaction basically.bit of fun

Kerri: So it's really come out of your own self confidence and self esteem.

Jules: Yeah

Kerri: . and self worth

Jules: Very Much So

Kerri: But even the production values like y'know the tambourine.

Jules: Yeah

Kerri: the background, the whole feel.

Jules: Yeah, I mean with the whole album the whole idea was to do it as naturally as possible, as raw as possible, as honest as possible. and as truthful as possible so in fact with a lot of the production. was micing techniques and using the natural spaces we were in rather than digital effects as such, so y'know it's all natural.. all natural sounds which is what they did way back when.. which is what sounded great y'know.

Kerri: Of course. and the video. *parts of the video is shown on the screen* And you've used look-a-likes all the way through.

Jules: Yes the 'Butlers'.Well they're not exactly 'look-a-like'. I wouldn't quite say that.

*Kerri-Anne Laughs*

Kerri: But I mean, you're sending yourself up.

Jules: Well Yeah, absolutely.. absolutely!

Kerri: Fabby Road.

Jules: No, I thought it was necessary just to get the point across. You know I just. (the audience is laughing at the video footage) one of the great things is that the Beatles in the early days was all about having fun. taking the mickey out of everyone and y'know although they took the work seriously all the rest was all fun to them.. I think people sometimes hold icons a little too preciously and this was to say, as much as George or any one of the others would say, y'know it's all fun. y'know it was all about having a good time and enjoying the whole process. and y'know they're just human after all.

Kerri: You said you were waiting, you felt confident enough now to do it, and you're waiting for the reaction.

Jules: hmm.

Kerri: What did Paul or George think about it.

Jules: I don't know yet. I don't know. I haven't been in touch since I've released. Y'know I've been running around doing the promo tour all over the world basically.. so yeah I haven't touched base with them yet. but I'm sure I will do at Christmas.

Kerri: What do you think Paul or George would say about the video?

Jules: I definitely know that George would get a kick out of it. He was well into all of that. he was well into Monty Python and, set up a film company to do a lot of stuff like that.

Kerri: There is no escaping your heritage

Jules: hmm.

Kerri: You are your fathers son.

Jules: sure.

Kerri: You look like your father. you sound like your father. But, how difficult a process has it been for Julian Lennon to get there - you're 35 now-

Jules: yeah.

Kerri: to actually arrive at yourself.

Jules: It's been a tough road. it's I think one of the biggest problems I had is being so shy in the past. and the only way I could express myself was through my music. so in the past I couldn't say no I did or didn't want to do.. in relationship to talking about dad, talking about the Beatles etc etc .and it's only over the last couple of years really that I feel I've sort of resolved all the demons I had. not only on a personal level but a professional level as well. to find some sense of contentment and peace and happiness.. and it's.. it's basically living to the fullest and working as best as I can work.. and writing as good as I can write.

Kerri: Why do you think you were so shy. Y'know some people are just born shy. Do you think other issues were involved with the shyness?

Jules: Well part of it I think, was. my mom Cynthia used to travel. and we'd move a lot while I was growing up. and I'd be at new schools every other year. introduced at every new school at assembly as 'John Lennon's son from the Beatles' and the whole school turning around. and that was the first day at school. It was a nightmare y'know and then trying to break out of that and trying to find friends after that who you could trust.. it was very very difficult.

Kerri: Where there any advantages to that? Did you live the life of a Beatle's son?

Jules: No, how could I ? How could mum and I when he walked out the door when I was four years old? Y'know he went his separate way with all his material belongings and mum and I were left. it's simple as that- it was not a happy pretty story at all. y'know

Kerri: Very hurt by that obviously.

Jules: Yeah of course. of course.yeah.

(Thinks Julian deserves a hug right now!)

Kerri: Is that something with your brother Sean now that you can share with. Can you help him deal with being a 'Lennon'.

Jules: Yeah. I have a good relationship with Sean. It's a bit distant. he lives in America, I live in Europe. I occasionally get to see him. it's always very emotional when I do. coz I love him to death. I used to baby-sit him. um... and.

Kerri: Where you ever tempted as a babysitter. with another step brother getting more attention than you..

Jules: Nah. well obviously it was very hurtful.

Kerri: Did you blame him?

Jules: Who Sean? No, not at all! Sean is in the middle.y'know he's a sort of pawn in the middle of the whole situation. I have this great love and respect for him. I've advised him as best as I can with what he's going to have to face- and what he has been facing with the release of his new album- and what he's got to deal with over the next couple of years.. if he wants to finally be respected as an artist.as a musician. as a singer/songwriter. and whatever other endeavors. as much as anybody else.. but a little more, obviously. not only does he have the comparison with dad. but with me also now. y'know but I'm trying to make it as easy as possible for him. show him the ropes a little bit.

Kerri: That's a very kindly. and brotherly attitude to have.

Jules: Y'know after being looked at. pointed at. for so many years. I know what that feels like and I wouldn't wish it upon anybody so I have the greatest amount of respect for people. that's just the way I live life.. I don't wish harm or hurt or judgement upon anybody. it's not a pleasant thing.. it's not a nice thing to live with.

Kerri: Terrific attitude. Um, we're just going to take a break now, if you don't mind. but you've kindly agreed to stay with us. for a longer chat.

Jules: Sure. Absolutely.

Kerri: So I guess a lot of those feelings maybe we can talk about.. that you've pursued in your new album.

Jules: Yeah, Sure.

Kerri: Well, as I mentioned, Julian is staying with us.. we'll be back in just a moment with a lot more from Julian Lennon.

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