Part 2 of a 2 part Interview...

Special Thanks to Sandy for all her hard work on the transcript!

Photograph Smile

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Kerri: Welcome back to Midday and my special guest today is Julian Lennon. Welcome again, Julian.

*The audience screams and claps. Julian giggles and puts his hand over his face all shy*

Kerri: Julian as we went to break, our illustrious band leader and the boys, Geoff Harvey.

*cut to Geoff Harvey (who is off to the left side of the stage, over in the band area)*

Geoff: Can I just ask you. if your father left when you were four. where did you get your musical training.

Jules: Ah. by listening to music. I play purely by ear. I had one piano lesson when I was about Eleven.

Geoff: Same with me.

Jules: .and I hit the wrong note and got whacked on the hand with a ruler. and I said this is no way to learn music! so I taught myself.

Geoff: I wonder what would have happened if you'd been living, quite seriously, with your father.

Jules: Um. no idea. obviously there were occasions on the few times I did see him.. where he sat down and taught me a couple of chords. y'know the basics. but that was about it really.

Geoff: Anyway welcome.It's lovely to have you. Sorry carry on.Kerri-Anne

Jules: Thank you very much.

Kerri: I was fascinated Geoff, I loved that. And, I was going to say. you (the band) played 'Hey Jude' to the break.which was written thirty one years ago for you (Julian). is that still a very personal song for you?.

Jules: Well it is, in the sense that you gotta figure that Paul being one of dad's best friends. at the time looking at his best friend's marriage breaking up, with a kid in the middle of it. and y'know figuring out how, this kid is going to survive. with what's going on. I mean that's very special. having a song written about anyone is very special. under the circumstances it was more than special. it affects me more listening to it these days, than back then.. because I do feel like a survivor.

Kerri: What's your favorite line from it?

Jules: Um, *Laughs* I don't know. off hand.

Kerri: But it is very special.

Jules: Yeah.

Kerri: Um you're not a father yet I understand.

Jules: Correct

Kerri: But if and when you do have children.. what sort of characters do you think will be most important to instill in your child.?

Jules: Ouch! Um.. well honesty. truth. basically I think those have to be the first and foremost on the agenda. respect of course that's another one. I think those are three of the most important things. I mean there's probably others too.. but off the top of my head.

Kerri: Do you look.

Jules: and LOVE of course *smiles*

Kerri: Do you look forward to that time.?

Jules: I do! Very much look forward to that time. I mean I was involved in a relationship several years ago. and there was a child involved from the other relationship.. y'know I played father for a couple of months. and I enjoyed the experience more than most things in life. I truly did. (in the most sincerest voice) that's why it truly upsets me to hear that any parent would leave a kid stranded, one way or the other. it shocks me.

Kerri: Let's go back to 1984, you had terrific success. with 'Too Late For Goodbyes' (shows a snippet of the video clip). but then you disappeared for seven years. How disillusioned where you.

Jules: Well no.. what happened was. I had a great deal of support with the first album.. and uh. after doing the first tour I did, I was hoping to come off the tour and relax a little bit and start writing for the next album. unfortunately with the kind of people I was working with .. it was not. they didn't have a vested interest in the artistic and musical side.. and the creative side of what I was doing. and they didn't care. so basically coz I was contractually obligated I had to literally -after the tour- go straight into the studio again, and write the songs in the studio.. and that's not the way it worked before. and it was a very very pressured situation. due to that fact I didn't feel that I came up with any reasonable work. there was a couple of songs on a couple of albums.. y'know like 'Saltwater' and several others.. but I never felt I had a whole album that I was completely satisfied with.that was ALL of me -so to speak- coz there was a lot of influence from the people.. the labels.. the people in the major labels, even producers to a certain degree. so I just had enough.. after the broken promises. and lack of support I said 'That's it! I'm out of here'

Kerri: Did you get ripped off?

Jules: Yes, absolutely! Absolutely.

Kerri: But one would imagine Julian, that you would have access to the best advice. how does someone in your position get ripped off.

Jules: Well. Yeah, but I wasn't was I? I wasn't around the business when I was growing up. And it seems everybody under the sun -even till this day- still get ripped off right, left and center.. y'know there's always something hidden somewhere. I always say 'Look at the small print!', you have to y'know. I uh.. got out of the contracts.. and started writing for me.. coz I consider it an artform.. I put a collection of songs together. and went in to record over two albums worth. and started an independent company.. and uh put the cover together.. designed the cover. put the packaging. the videos..

Kerri: So you really controlled the entire project.

Jules: Absolutely. I mean, this is where the balancing comes into play now.. It's because I have found a balance . Music, the industry before was 100% of my time. now music is very important.. has it's place.. but there are other things in life that are just as important, if not more important, you know so.. but it's ah.. it's a different set up.. finally being in control. of my life not only on a personal level but a professional level.. is exhilarating.. and freeing and wonderful!..

Kerri: What about Sean.. I know he's produced an album.

Jules: Sure

Kerri: Do you think with Sean, and Yoko's ambition.

Jules: Yes..

Kerri: and her money, will he be a success?

Jules: I think as with me.. people have watched me over the years. I think at the end of the day, the only thing that really counts is. is he a good song writer? Has he got talent? I think he has.

Kerri: You don't think she -Yoko Ono- could manufacture that.

Jules: No I don't think she could manufacture it because I've, you know. during this whole promo tour.. which has started since Spring this year.. I've watched how she has manipulated the situation.

Kerri: How?

Jules: Well there was circumstances where, for a fact I know.. there was written letters to the head of certain magazines that I was going to be featured in, that Sean should be seen as the son that shines.. and Jules should not be. I mean this is factual stuff that I have.. y'know.. Just things like that.

Kerri: What sort of person is she?

Jules: Well obviously, she does want Sean to be the succeeding son, y'know. which is so childish and so. and the approach I find ridiculous.. and the insecurity level. I mean she's got EVERYTHING what more does she want.. and obviously she wants Sean to. it's only gonna hurt Sean in the long run.. which is what annoys me more than anything. He's stuck.. he's being used as the pawn in this.

Kerri: Has she ever given you anything personal of John's?

Jules: Um.. there might have been some things in the past, one or two little things. there was one guitar that I was after -that I thought was beautiful.. but she said obviously 'There's two of you now I can't split it in half' and that was that, y'know..

Kerri: You did battle with her at one stage for part of John's estate.

Jules: Yeah.

Kerri: She sounds like a very awesome woman to take on.

Jules: Well, I don't know about that. you know she can afford the best lawyers in the world.. and of course if you're gonna challenge that situation, y'know especially in a court in America, you're stuck in court for years and years and years.. ten years if not more.. and I certainly can't fund that! Y'know.. who knows at the end of the day, what the judge's decision would have been. so the only option I had was to settle and do the best deal I could..

Kerri: And you shared that with your mother.

Jules: Yeah, Absolutely. I make sure that she's absolutely okay, and fine and happy.

Kerri: What did you buy your mum?

Jules: First and foremost, I bought her a house. Secondly a car. and it was her birthday recently and the only I could think which would give her total freedom was to go anywhere wherever she wanted, with whom ever she wanted for the rest of her life. That was my gift.

Kerri: She's got a good son hasn't she.? (sincerely)

The audience claps in respect for Julian

Kerri: In terms of the new album.. the personal aspect of it. what is it that you want people to know and understand.?

Jules: Well I don't know. I just think music, especially- definitely with the style I write- is definitely for reflecting upon life.. I think to a degree some of the work provokes thought. y'know when I was either going through happy times or bad times, there'd be songs that I would listen to , to get me through those times.. and I think that's what it does for people. It soothes their soul. And it's also, with the Photograph, and why it's called 'Photograph Smile' is because y'know it's about times, and places and experiences we all have in our lives. y'know when you first fall in love for the first time, or out of love for the first time there's something musically that you generally listen to.. and the same with photographs. especially having the old photograph of me at four or five years old. it was a time stamp this album, for me to show not only to myself but to others where I had come from and I'm still here! and I'm still surviving!.. and that was very important for me, to make that statement for myself- more than anything really.

Kerri: It has really really been a pleasure having a chat to you this afternoon.

Jules: Thank you very much!

Kerri: I'm so glad that you could give us some time. I want to tell everyone by the way, you are playing live in Sydney and Melbourne. there's some dates-- we'll give you a second to glance at those. (info shown on screen as below- )

*Monday 26th October The Metro, Sydney*
*Wednesday 28th October The Mercury Lounge, Melbourne*

People will love it.. I love.. and I also love the video clip.. I have gotta say that is such a good clip.. such a good song.

Jules: Thank you!

. the album is called 'Photograph Smile' and we do thank, indeed Julian Lennon!.