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Channel 10 Australia - 21 October 1998

Part 2 of a 2 part Interview...
Special Thanks to Jodie for all her hard work on the transcript!

Photograph Smile

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(Crowd and interviewers clap upon returning from footage)

Host: Is that Eric Idol, it looks a lot like Eric Idol?

Julian Lennon: Actually he looks incredibly like Eric Idol, doesn't he.

Kate Waynebroke: Is it not?

Julian Lennon: No, no its not, I actually approached the Rutles.

Santo: Yes, yes.

Julian Lennon: To get them involved but Eric was in Los Angeles working on a film project, but the other three guys were into it.

Santo: Yes great.

Julian Lennon: But because I couldn't get them all together I had to sort of make a quick decision and re-invent them and call them the Butlers, you know.

Rob Stitch: Its almost like now you know so many years after Beatles stopped that everyone's having a bit more fun with it. Paul McCartney seems more relaxed about everything.

Julian Lennon: Yeah, Yeah, but, but they have always been of that sort of attitude anyway you know they were serious about the work and the music but the rest was Ahh..

Kate Waynebroke: Partying.

Julian Lennon: Yeah it was all a game you know, it was fun.

Rob Stitch: There's fantastic footage of when they came to Australia in 1963 and I don't know that it's played much anywhere else in the world, someone owns it you know in the old days someone owns everything, and they, and it was incredible because the mucking around they were doing on aeroplanes and things.

Julian Lennon: Yeah yeah I think a lot of people tend to forget that you know then it becomes all a little too precious but you..

Kate Waynebroke: But you were obviously having a lend with that (Referring to the video for "I Don't Wanna Know")

Julian Lennon: Oh Yeah absolutely.

Kate Waynebroke: Yeah, and what's the reaction been to that?

Julian Lennon: Well the majority is err has been very favorable.

(Interviewer's roar with laughter)

Julian Lennon: Yeah, Yeah, Ahh

Kate Waynebroke: Yeah but we want to hear about the minority.

Host: Yeah, yeah tell us.

Julian Lennon: Ahh, well no there's been a couple of people that feel slightly offended.

Kate Waynebroke: That you were being sacrilegious or something

Julian Lennon: Oh absolutely, absolutely, it's the precious people you know.

Kate Waynebroke: Because you like live with this icon over your shoulder all the time. How over that are you?

Julian Lennon: Oh I'm way past that way past that.

Kate Waynebroke: Yeah, Yeah.

Julian Lennon: I mean for me there was never a shadow in the first place. You know, you know, that was a media thing that was built up through the media. I just got on with the music which was obviously a love of mine and just continued and worked hard you know, it's an art form, it's a craft and I just worked and worked and worked at it.

Santo: And now, and you've ended up on a telethon.

(Crowd laughs)

Julian Lennon: Yeah, Yeah, (Snaps his fingers) and that was my ambition.

Santo: Were you really on a telethon the other night?

Julian Lennon: Yeah absolutely.

Santo: In Perth.

Julian Lennon: Yeah.

Santo: Because I saw, it says cause, you donated some money to telethon.

Host: No, No, not just some money Santo. 

Santo: A bunch of money.

Host: No, a $100,000 dollars.

Santo: Yeah, well I know. I don't know, I feel like there are accountants around. It's actually called Telethon isn't it. Is it, was it for a children's hospital or something?

Julian Lennon: Yeah yeah, for disabled kids of all sorts and Ahh they do a lot of research there which not only effects the kids throughout Australia but also the rest of the world, they are one of the leaders, you know.

Santo: And does this feel a little like a Telethon (Referring to the show) because that's our directive.

Kate Waynebroke: Yeah for donations.

Julian Lennon: There aren't enough phones ringing let me tell you.

Santo: Yes well Julian I can't tell you. If you do, have you done Telethon's around the world?

Julian Lennon: No, no, this was my first.

Santo: If you ever get to the United States, Please Please Please go on the Habra Telethon, this is, I can't believe I've actually got a chance to show this.

Host: We've got footage.

Santo: Yes I've got footage this is the Habra. This is Jewish Ahh running a Telethon.

(Cut to some hilarious footage of a Jewish Telethon where rabbis are getting excited at a new tally board clicking over with donations)

Santo: And then they go crazy and just start dancing.

(Cut to some hilarious footage of Rabbis dancing madly)

Santo: But Julian the good thing is that they have acts on. If you can also perform.

(Cuts to some really hilarious footage of Jewish men playing guitars, and then a really crazed Jewish man madly playing the drums)

Julian Lennon: Ahh wow,

Kate Waynebroke: Ahh I've got to ring that number.

Santo: I've got to tell you okay I think we have seen enough of that.

(Return to the studio where everyone is laughing)

Rob Stitch: You see you could do that.

Julian Lennon: I think they need to lay off the caffeine.

Santo: But Julian there was this great moment there were they gave a new liver to a young girl who came over from Israel or something and the guy goes "And now she is going to live a fruitful life she's joining the army."

(Crowd and Interviewer's laugh, Julian looks perplexed)

Rob Stitch: Yes that footage was sent by a Jewish friend of ours.

Santo: It was, it was exactly how the US sent that across.

Rob Stitch: Can I tell you a small piece of trivia history about the Telethon in Perth? You might even know it. (Looking at Julian) Robert Holmes A Court bought the, bought a company, an English company, which actually owned the entire Beatles catalogue. Back catalogue. And Michael Jackson err wanted to buy and still owns most of the catalogue and one of the conditions was that he come to Australia to be on that Telethon. And suddenly, we didn't know this, and suddenly Michael Jackson turned up. Yep and he then, he gave his daughter one song and that's how, that's how

Julian Lennon: That's right, that's right

Rob Stitch:: And Holmes A Court gave, who gave his daughter one song?

Santo: I can't believe that. I wonder if that's why Julian has come to get that song back or something.

Julian Lennon: No (Looking Perplexed)

Kate Waynebroke: Hey ahh, Are you religious?

Julian Lennon: Not particularly, no.

Kate Waynebroke: Cause I was listening, and, is that a Rune round your neck (referring to the jewelry Julian is wearing an esoteric necklace)

Julian Lennon: It's a Rune.

Kate Waynebroke: It's a Rune. What is the Rune sign?

Julian Lennon: Its, it basically represents umm focus, awareness, guidance..

Kate Waynebroke: But do you change it, you know for shows like tonight?

Julian Lennon: No, no

Kate Waynebroke: Long temper, even temper.

Julian Lennon: No, unfortunately no, I just stick with the same one.

Host: Well Julian you've got a few more shows to go around the country.

Julian Lennon: Mmm yeah.

Host: I hope you continue to enjoy playing here an we look forward to seeing you when you return. Err when are you coming back?

Julian Lennon: Err (Trying to think)

Host: Sometime.

Julian Lennon: Probably this time next year.

Host: Sensational, good luck with the album "Photograph Smile" it's an absolute Monty go out and purchase it. Would you please thank Julian Lennon for joining us and we will be back with more Panel right after this break.

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