Access Hollywood

April 9th, 1999

Captures and Graphic art by CJ.. Transcription by Diane.. Thanks Diane for the help!!

Photograph Smile

Julian on Access Hollywood

Pat O'Brien - Now, his voice will remind you of John Lennon, his music reminiscent of the Beatles and that's just fine with this artist. It's Julian Lennon's return to music and he's ready to say, 'like father, like son.' - like that's ok.

Clip of Julian singing "Too Late for Goodbyes"

Background Narration - When he hit it big in the mid 80's, Julian Lennon was blasted by critics who dismissed him as a mere imitation of his late father, former Beatle John Lennon.

Clip of John singing "Imagine"

Background Narration - The topic popped up in this 1989 interview

Julian Lennon (Clip of 1989 interview) - The comparisons were coming in that I was singing like dad on purpose that - It became a problem and a real pressure.

Background Narration - Julian got tired of defending himself and in 1992 dropped out of the music business. But now at 36, he's back and has a new CD and a new attitude.

Julian Lennon - I was just at the point of getting on with what really mattered to me, which was the music itself.

Julian with guitar singing "Good to Be Lonely"

Background Narration - On the CD Photograph Smile, Julian wears his Beatle badge with honor, especially his new single "I Don't Wanna Know".

Clip of video "I Don't Wanna Know"

Pat O'Brien - Has anybody in your inner circle said in front of you 'that sounds like the Beatles'?

Julian Lennon - Mum even turned around after hearing "I Don't Wanna Know" in particular and went 'oh God, that's a little close to the bone!'

Background Narration - In fact, the video for the song spoofs the Fab Four. And we have your very first look. Directed by Julian himself, it features 4 actors playing in a Beatle-like band called "The Butlers". There's a send off of early Beatles concerts and as well a take off on their film "A Hard Day's Night". And if this looks familiar, it's because it's a satire of the cover of the classic cover of Abbey Road. Julian pops in and out of the video in a bit part and with a touch of his dad's irreverence, he's shown next to a very relaxed queen. It's his own unique way of paying tribute to his ancestry. And it's a way of saying if he's a chip off the old Beatle block, so be it.

Julian Lennon - The reviews these days have been the best in my life and they are saying things like 'if the Beatles were still together or if John Lennon were still alive this is what they would be doing'. Now, as far as I'm concerned, there's no higher praise than that.

Pat O'Brien - None. Period.

Julian Lennon - None. Period. So, I'm a happy camper.

Pat O'Brien - Daddy's work is never done. You can see more of Julian Lennon on VH1's Behind the Music on Sunday, April 25. And his new CD, great by the way, is in stores now.