Access Hollywood

May 4th, 1999

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Photograph Smile


Access Hollywood May 4th 1999


Pat O'Brien - And speaking of one of a kind, he was born with the last name of Lennon, and that has not always been such a good thing for the son of former Beatle John. Julian Lennon is once again making his own music, but today he is also looking back at the event that first thrust him into the limelight. Julian Lennon, from personal tragedy to musical triumph, is today's Inside Story.

Clip of Julian running through alley at the Dakota

Narrator - It was our real first glimpse of Julian Lennon as a grief stricken teenager, scrambling in and out of his father's, John Lennon's, apartment building, days after John was murdered in 1980. Just 5 when his parents split, Julian was raised by his mom, John's first wife, Cynthia. His relationship with John was always strained up until the day his dad died. But when Julian launched his own music career in 1985, his father's legendary shadow was overwhelming.

Clip of Julian from the video "Too Late for Goodbye"

Narrator - He looked and sounded just like the ex-Beatle

Clip of John singing "Imagine"

Narrator - And the record industry capitalized on it.

Julian Lennon - They were always promoting me as "the son of", and yes I am, but they were looking for John Lennon #2.

Pat O'Brien - Because in my mind, it's like being Picasso's kid or Michelangelo's kid, and some say it's like 'let's see what he can do'.

Julian Lennon - Late 80's it was truly trying to find my own path and it was a difficult one you know because of what the critics were writing. And they were comparing one of my albums to the entire Beatles catalogue.

Narrator  - Julian's first album sold millions, but his next four didn't fare nearly as well. Disillusioned, he dropped out of the music biz for much of the 90's.

Julian Lennon - I think one of the most important things I did was figure out who the hell I was.

Narrator - After a 7-year break, Julian has reemerged with a new CD, Photograph Smile.

Clip of Julian singing "I Should Have Known"

Narrator - And who did Paul McCartney share one of his proudest moments with as he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Clip of Paul at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony

Narrator - John's son, Julian

Pat O'Brien - You were his guest, right?

Julian Lennon - Yea, he for so many years had always been keeping a watchful eye and had always sent me Christmas cards and Birthday cards and so the least I could do was be there to stand up and raise a glass and cheer him on and be there to support him.

Narrator - In fact, through the years, Julian has always seen Paul as an uncle. When his parents divorced in 1968, Paul penned the Beatles classic "Hey Jude" to comfort Julian.

Clip of Paul singing "Hey Jude" with the Beatles

Julian Lennon - He was driving over to say how sorry he was about the whole affair and the situation. In the car with the wind screen wipers going, it was pouring down rain and he was singing 'Hey Jules' which turned into 'Hey Jude'.

Pat O'Brien - When you hear it, do you go 'hey, that's about me'?

Julian Lennon - It never used to effect me so much, but it does mean so much to me these days. Where I do only now feel that I've taken a sad song and made it better. Sorry, I just had to throw that one in there.

Pat O'Brien - No need to apologize to us. You can see more of Julian Lennon on VH1's Behind the Music Series Thursday May 1. Julian's new CD, Photograph Smile, it's good, is in stores now.