Julian Lennon the Secret Value of Daydreaming

Daydream Believer

Sounds (UK) April 5, 1986


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Julian Lennon by Peter AndersonHe was, for a phase, a heavy metal freak, riding his motorbike over Welsh mountains in between drinking himself senseless at Rush gigs. Now the drinking is mostly done with the members of this band, "streetwise Brooklyners". He does meet the stars, and this he enjoys. He tells me at length of Michael Caine's charisma, of a dodgy paralytic evening with Prince ("He's changed, he's become nearly normal...").

One would assume you'd get very blasť about about "fame'...

I'm just trying to be a normal bloody person living a normal life. It's a pain having to keep proving you're normal. You can't please everybody. I just play me now, I don't pretend to be anybody else."

Are you making a conscious effort to get away from the word Lennon?

No. Not consciously. I mean - that's a name that will always be around.

Julian wants to "avoid becoming a political singer at all costs... as yet", but is irked by "the general bulls--- governments throw at humans like us instead of the secrets we want to know". His summary of the new album's cover and title resembling 'Imagine' is "Sod it. I just do me best and have a good time while I'm doing it." He says he tries to be comfortable without extravagance, is very superstitious, and reckons his success is deserved because he's worked hard for it.

Just cos I'm so and so's son doesn't mean you're not allowed to clap.

On his debut American tour Julian Lennon say 'Day Tripper', highlighting the lines: "Got a good reason/For taking the easy way out."

No, no, it's not a heavy statement; no, I just used it in jest.

Life is full of contradictions. Even when you think everything is perfect with somebody, you'll still tend to look at other women. you can't just block out the world

So does it amaze you to see couples who've been happily married for 30 years? Do you wonder how the hell they've managed that?

Er, no, cos I'm sure that when the right thing really happens it really happens. My guitarist and oldest friend Justin is just gone at the moment. They do everything together. I have to make appointments to talk to him.

For an era your father and Yoko were symbolic of that exclusionary all-consuming general love bliss state.

That's true. I like the idea of two people being so in one that nothing around matters. To not need anybody or anything else. That must be weird... and nice.

So you're a romantic?

Oh... it's the other side of life. It's completely different to the regular cycle. A lot of life is haywire; no one's quite sure whether anything's the right thing to do. That's why rather than perfect a situation in a song, I tend to leave the confusion in there. Cos that's how it is.

Maybe the fifth Julian Lennon LP really will be quite weird and interesting?

Oh God, I'm sure I'll be out there somewhere. Out with the comets.

Beats comatose.

Lennon (OH the aura, the aura) admits he generally lets more experienced people guide his career but is adamant that if he thinks something is totally wrong he won't do it. Five years ago he would've laughed in the face of anyone predicting the nature and public (if not aesthetic) success of his career.

Do you believe in magic?

I believe... not in magic, but... I think there is some force. It sounds pathetic, but there has to be something for us to have materialized her and... all the experiences that people think they've had with life after death. Things that nobody can explain. The one that I really get pissed at is the universe. Where it goes. Where's the end? I mean, I used to think about that stuff all the time. It's so annoying, I really hate thinking about that.

Oh boy, it's my turn to say something. Er... it's endless, isn't it?

Yes, it's infinity. But - what's infinity?

Can I have a light?

Even if they explained it all, I still don't think anybody would comprehend. It doesn't make sense. It's... beyond me. So - I got out of that phase. I just live everyday life, I don't think about spiritual things and sťances and stuff. I've always wanted to do a sťance, but I've never followed it up. I just want to live a normal life here, fine, until it's my time to... become a snail.

Not a genius but not pretending to be. Julian Lennon, whose life has been, is, and will be, about as normal as a roof on a hot tin cat, makes vapid anachronistic music which is neither subtle nor intelligently eclectic. It's uncool, uninspired, unacceptable.

The moralist sees fit to mention that while I do not underestimate John Lennon's contribution to the development of pop culture, most of his music also moves me like a plankton.

The rattling of jewellery on the balcony goes on.

"Shall we just sit and eat bickies for a while?" says Julian.


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