Julian Lennon the Secret Value of Daydreaming

Julian Lennon:

<<I never thought about a Beatles Reunion>>

Pop Rocky 1986 Vol 13 - Translation by Nina


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Julian Lennon doesn't have it easy as a heir. His father, John Lennon, who together with Paul McCartney the head of the Beatles is still today, 5 years after his death, one of the best musicians.

Not only because of his unbelievable resemblances to his father, Julian is always compared to his father. For the Lennon junior it isn't always easy to stand the pressure and to step out of his father's shadow. With his debut "Valotte," Julian proved that he is capable of writing beautiful romantic ballads. With "Secret Value of Daydreaming", Julian's new LP, he goes on. With this more rock-like music the name Julian Lennon will be more known in the music world. In the Pop-Rocky-Interview Julian talks about himself, his relationship to his stepmother Yoko Ono and his attempt to be taken serious as a musician.

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