Julian Lennon the Secret Value of Daydreaming

Julian Lennon:

<<I never thought about a Beatles Reunion>>

Pop Rocky 1986 Vol 13 - Translation by Nina


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You write a lot about relationships. Do you have a girlfriend right now?

I don't want to talk about that. I don't want to drop a brick again.

FionaI think your chosen doesn't talk about it either (Julian means the American singer Fiona shown right).

I hope she doesn't. I try not to talk about my relationships to the press. The rumors in the papers destroyed my last relationship.

Are you talking abut Debbie Boyland with whom you lived together?

Yes. All these news in the papers caused so many problems that we separated. Now I am much more careful and don't talk about my relationships any more.

Is it difficult for you to have a private life?

There are no problems at the moment. At home I have peace. When I go out, people do recognize me but that is no interference in my private life for me. But as I said before, the press did interfere in the private life of my ex-girlfriend and I.

Ok, let's change subject. Do you still remember how you felt, when you knew you would record albums?

I had no idea what it really would be like. As I came into the studio for the first time - with my producer Phil Ramone - I had no clue how it all works. And I was so very shy. I said: "So, Phil, first we record all instruments, then all musicians leave and I'll sing, yes?" And he answered: "No, no, no, you are going to sing with them, now!" That was a totally new experience for me. Only now, 1 or 1 years later, I start to realize what I am doing.

Are you still shy?


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