Julian Lennon the Secret Value of Daydreaming

Julian Lennon:

<<I never thought about a Beatles Reunion>>

Pop Rocky 1986 Vol 13 - Translation by Nina


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Can you imagine how your career might have been when you father would be still alive?

I have no idea. But I think it would have been interesting to do music same time as my father. Strange maybe, but interesting. When I think about saying to my father in a bar: "So, how has the recording been today?" That is a really strange thought. But probably I would have tried to steer clear of my father's way, just to develop my own style and to ask him for his opinion afterwards. I can't really say. But, who knows. Maybe he is listening to what I do anyway.

What about the rumors that you and the Beatles would play together at the Live-Aid-concert last year?

Actually I wanted to play with my own band at that festival, but there was no opportunity. So I was at home, watching it on TV when I got the news about me playing with the Beatles. My Manager was at the festival and was totally confused and called me and said: "You are not going to do that, right?" That all got out of control.

So you never thought about a reunion with the Beatles?

No, never. The rest of the Beatles have their own projects. And I have mine that I rather want to do. I never thought about a reunion of the Beatles.

You have a lot of young female fans…

Do I? Where are they, where??

At your concerts, of course. You probably have noticed that. Do you think you are sexy?

Well, I don't think I am very sexy, no. I trample around like I always did. I mean, everybody tries to look good from time to time, and I want to impress people when I am on stage. But I don't want to overdo that. I think I am quite a normal guy.

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